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Mash SF: 2014 Cinelli Histogram Frameset

I have to say, this is the best looking Histogram to date. Before there were dozens of modern, aluminum low pros, there was the Cinelli Mash Histogram. These frames have found their way to the far reaches of the globe and for 2014, Mash did something a little new:

“With the 2014 trade shows approaching, there will be more information available on collaborations we have in store with Cinelli. The first announcement is the revised finish of our Histogram set. This polished frame shares the original lines, updated in grayscale tones. We will open a pre-order 30 days before these land in the US later this fall. Stay tuned!”

I’m sure I’ll be seeing and shooting one of these soon enough…

Jun 24, 2013 3 comments
Chas’ Mash Cinelli Prototype Track
Beautiful Bicycle: Chas' Mash Cinelli Prototype

Two years ago, Chas and Walton from MASH sat down with the designers at Cinelli in Italy to work on the next track frame. After years of riding track bikes both on the street and in races, the two of these athletes knew exactly what they wanted. The end product was something unlike any track bike Cinelli has made before: a mixture of new technology with performance and practicality in mind.

Last year at Interbike, Cinelli handed over two of the prototypes, which were spraypainted with Montana outside Mash’s flagship store in SF (in fact, you can still see blue and green overspray all over the sidewalk). Chas’ green track bike has traveled the world and seen its share of the fast n loose riding lifestyle. It’s been in multiple Red Hook Crits and bombed the streets of SF and NYC alike.

The most noticeable difference in this frame, versus the older MASH frames include a tapered fork and head tube for added stiffness and proprietary hydroformed Columbus tubing. A level top tube and traditional track geometry add a confident stance to this bike’s profile. In short: the Mash team is very happy with their work and with new paint samples on the way, I had to shoot photos of this bike while it was still built up….

Many thanks to Chas and Lindsey for recommending the sunset bike shoot location and Bucket for showing his appreciation.

Jun 18, 2013 30 comments
Mash: New Sticker Packs

Mash recently stocked their shop with new sticker packs in silver and green. Pick up a set here.

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Mission Bay Crit 2013

Photos by Mike Martin

Crihs‘ Mission Bay Crit was a huge success in SF and Mike Martin from MASH headed out to capture the night. I love low-light, moody photography like this. I’m stoked to hear this event went off smoothly and can’t wait to see more of these go down in SF.

Check out the official race report at MASH.

Mar 5, 2013 4 comments
Mike Martin’s Photos from All Chips on the Table
Guest Gallery: Mike Martin's Photos from All Chips on the Table

Since I can’t make it out to every rad event that takes place in SF, It’s nice to have Mike Martin of Mash to offer up some choice photos from the The Bicycle Art & Design of Garrett Chow: All Chips on the Table gallery show and Cutty Cross race. This show looked amazing and these photos will serve the purpose of introducing you to Garrett’s work if you’re unfamiliar.

Also, don’t miss out on a few shots of Garrett’s Specialized Concept Venge road bike after the show photos.

Nov 15, 2012 3 comments
The Bicycle Art & Design of Garrett Chow

Next week, Mash and Rapha are throwing two events worth hitting up if you’re in SF. The first is the Cutty Cross Cat (flier below) and the second event is  All Chips on the Table: The Bicycle Art & Design of Garrett Chow, which will be at the Rapha Cycle Club, post race. I wish I could be in attendance. This looks like a rad time.

See the Cutty Cross Cat flier below.


Oct 23, 2012 2 comments