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Defgrip: the History of the Dig Logo

I may not be a BMX lifer but the Dig BMX Logo has always been visually engaging to me. Growing up in the metal, punk and hardcore scenes, I always found it relevant. Four fists and a chainring (sorry, sprocket), how simple. But what’s the meaning behind it?

Head over to Defgrip to see what Dig’s editor-in-chief, Will Smyth has to say…

May 9, 2013 2 comments
See You in Jakarta at Fixed Fest!

So I’m heading out for the airport in a few minutes, en route to Jakarta for Fixed Fest! Unless I have wifi on the plane, this will be the last post until I’ve landed, so why not stroll through the Photosets or better yet, ride your bike.

I made this modified Flag Hatchet of the Indonesian flag and I’ll have a few prizes to give out, but most importantly, I can’t wait to ride with everyone and experience the Indonesian culture!

See you on the other side.

Jul 10, 2012 2 comments
Raidô Viking Stickers Now Available

Raidô means ride or journey in Elder Futhark and now you can embark on one yourself with the new Raidô Viking stickers. Silk screened on high-quality, clear vinyl. These will last for many miles. Pick up (5) for $5 shipped in the States and $6 shipped worldwide now at the PiNP Web Shop.


Jun 6, 2012 15 comments
Stash Pocket Raidô Hold Fast FRS and Raidô Viking Shirts Now Available

I’ve been wanting to do a Hold Fast signature strap for some time now but have always felt there was no need to rush things. Finally, inspiration came to me while I was cooling off from a climb in the hill country here. The trees are shade and in the Texas summer, they are a crucial part of riding. Whether it’s a roll to a swimming hole, a road ride or FGFS, you actively seek the shade to cool off. This is Raidô, or the ride and journey. The dendritic veins extend to the sky finally, I had my inspiration.

For 4.20, I’m offering a Raidô Viking shirt and a pair of Hold Fast FRS straps. For the first time, Hold Fasts will come with a stash pocket and rolling papers. We chose a grey velcro and purple lining in the pocket.

The Hold Fast FRS retail for $59.99 plus shipping and are available exclusively here on PiNP.

The high-quality, photographic-print Raidô Viking shirts are screened on white American Apparel tees here in Austin, TX by Industry. They retail for $25 shipped worldwide.


Pick both up here and check out more photos by clicking here to open the Gallery.

Apr 20, 2012 33 comments
Raidô Means Ride or Journey

I’m so stoked on the new Viking vector logo done by Paul DeVay of Angry Icons (shown in a clipping mask above). Its simplicity is a new direction for the site and it’ll be popping up quite frequently in new products. This past week, I’ve been working on so many collaborations that my head is spinning and the only way I can keep it straight is by riding. Here in Austin, the trees have been barren for so long that it’s taken all winter for new growth to sprout. The live oaks and mesquite trees are like dripping veins from the sky and when you’re in Texas, the summer heat shows no mercy, sending you to their shade. I spend a lot of time cooling down while riding and when you look up, you’re greeted with chaotic beauty. The ride and journey continues…

Next up, printing this Raidô graphic on a shirt to correspond with a 4/20 product launch and if all goes as planned, the Necronomicog set will be available soon after. Stay tuned!

Apr 5, 2012 4 comments