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Dayne’s Llewellyn 531 Road with Suntour Superbe Pro
Dayne's Llewellyn 531 Road with Suntour

Llewellyn is one of Australia’s best kept, not-so secrets. Those who know, know, leaving the rest of the world coveting frames from Eisentraut (1959), Moulton (1957), Weigle (1977), Sachs (1975), etc.

Granted, Llewellyn has only been building since 1979, and the others, as stated above, have been around only slightly longer. Darrell Llewellyn makes steel bikes and steel bikes alone. He’s built for numerous Australian national athletes, was an Olympic mechanic and had a hand in the early days of NAHBS.


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FYXO: Best Friends Forever

Andy from FYXO has quite the stable of bikes. In fact, I may be the only living American to ever visit his “man shed” and it’s pretty rad. This bike however, is my all time favorite. Classic Australian steel. See more of Andy’s Llewellyn at FYXO!

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