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King Dude: Jesus in the Courtyard

This is not your grandfathers country music and yet it is. I’ve been a fan of King Dude for some time now. In fact, I was at TJ’s first solo show on the east coast and have enjoyed watching him go from diving head-first into Neofolk to slowly morphing into a giant slice of Americana. When King Dude first started, it was a solo act. Shows were dimly-lit as TJ sat on a chair strumming his guitar. In recent months, King Dude has become a band, complete with a new sound and energy. The guys stayed at my house during Chaos in Tejas and I caught their show at the Parish. It was an entirely different experience.

Their new album, Burning Daylight is out October 16th on Dais Records and here’s a single from it, entitled “Jesus in the Courtyard”. You can pre-order the album now at Dais, so get on that.

If you dig this, head over to the King Dude Bandcamp and check out more.


Event Recap: King Dude at the Parish

Sep 14, 2012 5 comments
King Dude at the Parish
King Dude at the Parish

Last night my buddy TJ came into town to play in his band King Dude. It had been a few years since I’ve seen him perform and in that time, the band has gone from its solo, neofolk roots to more Americana-influenced (and dark) folk band. Nothing like death ballads to liven up an audience! And yet seeing the crowd’s reception was impressive. As always, hanging with old friends is a great way to spend the weekend. Check out TJ’s clothing label Actual Pain and King Dude’s music here.

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Jun 3, 2012 8 comments