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Jake Ricker’s Agustín Melgar Olympic Velodrome Photos

This very velodrome is where Merckx set the only Hour Record that ever mattered. The Agustín Melgar Olympic Velodrome was constructed in 1968 for the Mexico City Summer Olympics. During the CMWC, Jake and the rest of the gringos got to rip around this iconic track…

Read all about it and see more photos at Mash!

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Jake Ricker: Amalgamate and Born to Die Zines

Jake Ricker reached out to his photography buddies to pull together a new 70-page zine out called Amalgamate. The photos are great and the proceeds are going to help cover his wife’s medical bills after she was attacked by three dogs on a hike last year.

Some of the friends that submitted photography and art are:

Dustin Klein, Damian Riehl, Kyle Kelley, Jason Yim, Dylan Bigby, Kyler Martz, Matt Lingo, Terry Barentsen, Chas Christiansen, Crihs Thormann and Aron Dubios.

He is also still selling his other 60 page zine called Born To Die of his photography. $12 each or $20 for both. To help out and order PayPal $12 or $20 as a “gift” to [email protected] And make sure to include your address.

Check out more sample photos below.


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Jake Ricker: Crihs at CMWC Track Day

Photo by Jake Ricker

If this photo looks strange to you, it’s because Crihs is going against the number one rule of track cycling: let the people in front do all the work. Dude, what are you doing!? Whatever got intio Crihs’ head worked for him that day, as he landed on the podium for a few events. See more of Jake’s photos here, at his Flickr.

Aug 19, 2012 5 comments
Jake Ricker’s Photos from Chicago

Photo by Jake Ricker

With everyone finally detoxing from CMWC, it’s great to see the first runs of film photography making it out of the processing facilities. Jake’s photos from Chicago (and the ride to Chicago) are great. If you really want to see a behind the scenes look at the comradery that goes down at events like this, check out his Flickr photos here.

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Beautiful Bicycle: Jake Ricker’s JP Weigle Road

Photo by Jake Ricker

When I think of JP Weigle‘s work from the mid to late 80’s, this is the livery I associate with it. Bright, vibrant colors that are classic and yet still very modern. Jake recently acquired this bike off eBay and I’ve been nagging him to take photos of it. Of course he built it up with Campy Chorus 10 and Shamals, which really set the bike off. Check out more photos at Jake’s Flickr.

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Jake Ricker: Felix’s Viana Track Bike

Photo by Jake Ricker

I was talking to a few people at NAHBS this year about how Seattle doesn’t have many builders, especially when compared to Portland, its arch enemy. There’s what? Davidson and that’s about it? Then I saw this beast. Todd Hunt Bertram builds custom bicycles under the name Viana Cycles. His shop is based in Seattle and this particular frame utilizes a rather unique wishbone seat stay bridge. What else would you call it? Take note of that downtube diameter, the sleeved and cleaved seat tube and the bright-ass color. The list just goes on. Check out more at Jake’s Flickr!

For more information on Viana, head to their site and their Etsy profile. That’s a first!

Mar 19, 2012 3 comments
Jake Ricker’s Born To Die Photo Book

Jake Ricker’s photography has been featured here countless times on the site over the years. His 35mm snapshots have finally made their way to a printed publication:

“I am very proud to announce my first photography book is now for sale. A wider and slim version of the same 70 page book is available. Hard cover and soft cover option in both sizes. Look for the preview button on Blurb to see 30 pages of the book. If you would like a copy but don’t want to go through Blurb I can take preorder payments and place a mass order myself. I will ship them out as soon as I get them in.

Just email me at: [email protected]

Here’s the link to the Blurb page. For more examples of his work, see his Flickr and Tumblr.

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