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This is What Road Cycling Looks Like
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… in Central Texas, early-summer. I hope you all made use of the long days and open roads. We did a fun little century on Sunday, which took us by my favorite mid-ride dip. Josh had the right idea. Hopefully the trails are dry this week because I’ve got some shredding to do.

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Doug D is Touring North America to Photograph Workers

From Randolph Engineering, makers of metal frame eyewear, to Vanson Leathers, Revision Military, Horse Cycles and others, Doug D is traveling North America on his custom Brooklyn Machine Works touring bike, documenting goods that are still made in the USA. Right now, he’s updating his Instagram daily with portraits of workers and the companies that employ them.

Give Doug a follow on Instagram and check out his great photography.

Dec 2, 2014 4 comments
That Was Fun!
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I hope you had a great weekend. We sure did! Nothing like camping out, doing a big ride and getting some winter-time swimming in. I shot a bunch of film, which I’ll pick up later this week, until then, check out some of my favorites from Instagram and for more, look at the #SuperBroWeekend hashtag.

Feb 2, 2014 1 comment
SF Coffee Runs

I love riding in California and today was my first time riding in Golden Gate Park. I crashed with Chas last night and this morning, we headed out to Trouble coffee for some of their excellent coffee and toast. There’s nothing like the #lightbro in early SF mornings.

May 21, 2013 6 comments
It Was a Great Morning Upon Gibraltar

So as you can tell, there hasn’t been much coverage from the ATOC. Instead of following the race each day, we’ve been riding in the cities that are hosting the race. Today, we woke up and hit Gibraltar. Or rather, Gibraltar hit us. It was amazing and there will be more details once my film gets developed. For now, this iPhone photo looks mad decent.

The Mountains of Madness…

May 16, 2013 3 comments

Photos by Kyle Kelley

I’m in Los Angeles today, en route for Santa Barbara and the ATOC tomorrow but before leaving town, I had to do a cross ride with Kyle. Some ups, just as many downs and a few spills made for a great ride. While my film sits in its canister, awaiting being developed, check out these two photos from Kyle’s Instagram. I forget how beautiful Los Angeles is, especially this time of year in the mountains. Nature is so metal.

Praise the Necronomicog.

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Strava Integrates Instagram

As far as I’m concerned, two of the greatest social media apps coming together is a good thing. Instagram has become a part of my life and like many cyclists out there, I like to document rides, roads and new routes, especially since I travel and ride in so many cities. Strava announced yesterday that Instagram is now integrated. Simply go to your settings and click “Connect with Instagram”.

This route in particular had some good shots in it. But it’s even better for dirt and trails!

Now, one thing that I’d like to see is more accurate geotagging, or showing you where on the map the photo was taken, which doesn’t work well for #latergram.

Oh, follow me on Instagram, too.

Jan 30, 2013 7 comments

What I should have said was “cheers”. We did a great cross ride today and cracking open a cold one on top of a big hill with friends was the highlight of the weekend. 35mm photos on the way and I can’t wait to share them with you all!

Jan 27, 2013 4 comments
Tracko’s Here in Austin

Yesterday we went on a fun cross ride and today we’re heading out to a few state parks. It’ll be slow posting here for the next two days and yes, he’s well aware his site is down. He’ll have it back up on Monday, hopefully.

Jan 24, 2013 7 comments
The Brovet was Hell
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This ride broke me and I’m not ashamed to admit that. After 8 hours of riding in 25 degree weather, through headwinds, frozen rain and mud, I cracked. When I packed for the trip to NYC, Philly and this ride, Sandy wasn’t even on the map. So I left all my rain gear, winter gloves, jackets and wool at home in Austin. In a mad dash to acquire appropriate gear, I found myself without a lot of options.

Cheap gloves, leg warmers and a packable rain jacket quickly reminded me that I was underprepared for the weather we faced out of Pittsburgh and into the mountains. For the entire morning, my body convulsed as I shivered. My hands went numb for hours and I was soaking wet from head to toe. I still can’t feel my finger tips or palms and my jaw was sore this morning from chittering all day. But today was a different story… We’re sitting just outside of DC, awaiting our flights home.

More on this story to come. For now, check out the #GoYonder Instagram tag and I want to thank all the dudes who made this trip so memorable!

Nov 2, 2012 9 comments