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Hypebeast Has my Essentials

On this trip, I packed as lightly as I could, but I made sure I had my absolute essentials with me. Hypebeast has a profile up on their site, profiling these items, stating why I brought what and how each will be used as I travel through China. Head over and check it out!

Mar 29, 2013 32 comments
Outlier + Process

Outlier‘s process is far from simple,  and yet not that complicated. It’s more or less straight forward and it’s been the same since the beginning, minus a few tweaks here and there. Abe and Tyler aimed to create clothing from high-tech fabrics in NYC. No one else is doing that and since the brand’s inception, they’ve cornered the market.

If you’ve ever wondered just how much work goes into an Outlier garment, Hypebeast has a great story up on their site. Head over and check it out. And if you’d like to pick up a pair of brick red Three Way Shorts, do so NOW at Park and Bond. I’m damn tempted!

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