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Cielo and Chris King
2013 NAHBS: Cielo and Chris King

Each year, I love watching people’s faces as they enter the Chris King compound and although the metaphor “like a kid in a candy shop” is somewhat dated, it’s application here is quite fitting. I can’t even walk into their booth without picking up at least a headset (purple!). This year at NAHBS, the Portland based frame builders and component manufacturers brought all kinds of eye candy. My favorite project bike was the champagne and purple Sportif Racer but people were tapping the top tubes and squeezing the brakes of the Cross Racer and Overlander (which I totally didn’t get a good photo of).

At this point, you’re probably not even reading the copy anymore, so check out the gallery for more goodness!

Feb 28, 2013 5 comments
Bishop Bikes: Custom Campagnolo Pista Hubs by Drillium Revival

Usually when you see Campagnolo Pista hubs with drillium, chances are, they came from the Paramount facilities in the 70’s, complete with Paramount track bikes. Rumor has it that they misdrilled them too large for spoke holes and had to re-drill them, giving the flange a nice, light, facelift.*

While the technological advancements (i.e. weight) of hub designs have improved since then, there’s still that nostalgic allure of a classic Italian component with little circles cut out of it. As others have noted “nothing is lighter than a hole“. Drillium Revival are the minds behind this masterpiece hubset pictured here. Their holes were drilled intentionally and will be gracing one of Chris Bishop‘s 2013 NAHBS bikes.

Oh and they didn’t stop with the hubs. They kind of went all out! See more drilled, milled, profiled and polished Campagnolo Pista at the Bishop Flickr.

*source: Cicli Devotion

Feb 11, 2013 Comments are OFF
Chris King: 11-Speed R45 Hubs

This just in from Chris King:

“We are pleased to start the new year with the release of our 11-speed compatible R45 road racing hubs. Our R45s will seamlessly interface with Shimano’s new 11-speed drivetrain and are available giving our customers the ability to add legendary Chris King performance to their 2013 builds.”

If you’re looking for an 11-speed hub option, those are for you!

Jan 28, 2013 3 comments
Paul Components: The RHub is Now Available

The wait is over. Paul Components have just announced their new RHub‘s availability. These beautiful, American-made hubs have been floating around their tradeshow booth for about two years now. If you’ve ever owned Paul track hubs, you can attest to their quality and finish. It’s real tempting to pick up a set now, just for the hell of it!

Check out more details at PAUL.

Dec 12, 2012 6 comments
Curtis Odom Hubs Introduces Magneto Bearings

Photo by Michael Graves

I’ve seen Curtis Odom hubs popping up all over the internet lately. Even Dan from Shifter Bikes recently built up a set. But don’t be fooled by the vintage aesthetic, these hubs are high tech. Case in point: the new Magneto Bearings (shown here with the cup reversed to show bearing).  Right now, these bearings are offered as an upgrade to the standard track hubs, but cassette hub bearings are on their way. See more photos at the Curtis Odom Flickr.

Stay on top of everything Curtis Odom at his Facebook.

Nov 28, 2012 7 comments