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Stoked on Fixed Bikes 14

Greg Falski‘s Stoked on Fixed Bikes 14 is now online for free. It features an interview with Juliet Elliot and the Grime coast to coast tour for Ride + Style.

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Stoked on Fixed Bikes 12

The newest issue of Greg Falski’s free online publication, Stoked on Fixed Bikes is now online. There’s a great article on Joe McKeag and a Other Side of Lens interview with me. Check it out above or on the Issuu page.

I love that photo of Dan!

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Greg Falski: Lean In

Photo by Greg Falski

Track racing is a contact sport. A contact sport at 35+ mph and Greg captures that perfectly here. Great shot man!

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Sol Smith on Breakbrake 17

Photo by Greg Falski

I absolutely love this photo of Sol Smith riding his new BB17 Serpent. If the bike looks a little funny to you, it’s because he spraypainted the entire thing without taking any parts off. Pretty wild. Check out more information at Ninja Cats! Congrats Sol, you’re one of my favorite dudes to watch ride.

Apr 23, 2012 6 comments