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Wheel Talk: 2013 Red Bull Ride + Style

Matt Reyes and the Wheel Talk guys always provide the best in video coverage. Here’s their recap from the 2013 Red Bull Ride + Style:

“With the help of Zane Meyer and Omar Sebai I was able to chop together this highlight reel of the 2013 Red Bull Ride & Style. A lot of shit went down in San Francisco last weekend, and this is just a taste of it. I’ve been posting so much about this event that at this point I don’t even know what to say. I’m going to stop talking and let the video speak for itself. Enjoy.”

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Prague’s 2013 Garage Race

“The third Garage Race took place in April in Prague. We thought it might be interesting to create bit longer video which is more a documentary. Once again thanks to everyone for coming. Enjoy the show one more time!”

Fun stuff!

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The 2013 Red Bull Ride + Style is This Weekend!

Saturday! Be there. Here’s the scoop:

Red Bull Ride + Style will return to San Francisco for the third time on Saturday, May 4, reuniting the world’s best fixed gear racers and freestylers in Justin Herman Plaza.

The event also brings together four of the world’s top street artists – Risk (Los Angeles), Tristan Eaton (NYC), Insa (London) and Sam Flores (San Francisco) — through collaborative art on both the race course and the freestyle ramps.

Follow @redbullSFO (#rideNstyle) on Twitter for more news and updates.

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Fyxomatosis on How to Customize

Andy’s mantra “life is too short…” might be misinterpreted by those who take things at face value. It’s not a slogan for the rich, or the people who believe you can buy style, it’s the m.o. for the ones infected. A disease if you will. This disease causes you to tinker, to strip down, rebuild. To customize…

Like Andy, I myself get emails all the time from people wanting a $200 bike and occasionally, someone wanting to splurge $900 on a custom fixed gear. Now, don’t mistaken “custom” for hand-built and tailored. Custom can mean anything, really and for a perfect example, you really ought to head over to FYXO for the back story on how he built his ‘Nago for $935.


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Met Helmets Fixed Adrenalin Tournament

“The 13th of April was one of the most anticipated days in the world’s mini velodrome racing calendar. The MET Fixed Adrenalin Tournament is a unique track event for fixed gear bikes. A wild ride that takes place on one of the smallest velodromes in the world. Fearless cyclists face a demanding test of mental and physical strength and technical skill. The MET FAT is a fantastic tournament. As with many knockout tournaments, the stakes are high and the excitement is intense. The magic really started after the qualifying runs round of the tournament, which is when only the 16 fastest riders enter the final rounds. Juliet Elliott and Thomas Dalbigot proved to be the most skilled riders on the track that night and won the prestigious trophy.”

Check out more at Met.

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