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Tuesday Teardown: Krypts – Unending Degredation
Krypts-Unending Degredation

I absolutely love Finnish death metal and I can now add Krypts to the rank of Claws / Hooded Menace, Unholy and Amorphis. This band creates such an enveloping sound that they very well may be the new, true arbiters of death in Finland. The torch of heaviness has been passed and with the buzz surrounding this new album, they’re doing a hell of a job.

Enter the metaphors: Krypts’ sound is a dying behemoth, flailing its limbs before death. It envelops you like a breached submarine as it topples into an abyss, seconds before crushing you like a tin can. Their riffs crawl like a venomous centipede out of decaying corpse and the percussions thunder like the drums of an ancient, subterranean cannibal race of rats.

That’s how menacing Krypts’ highly-anticipated album, Unending Degredation is. Over four years in the making, this album represents the hard work of a band that made its name by crawling from the crypt to the pit. Simply listen to “Inhale” before “the Black Smoke” surrounds you. Like their death doom brethren, some tracks linger. “Dormancy of the Ancients” and “Beneath the Archaic” are as slow as a swarm of maggots, devouring a carcass.

How else are you to describe death metal? Just look at the fucking artwork. Are you not scared shitless? As dark and foreboding as their sound may be, Krypts brings a smile to my face and a tear to my eye. Maybe 2013 won’t suck for death metal after all? Check out one track from Unending Degredation below and pre-order the vinyl direct through Dark Descent.


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60 Years at the Käpylä Olympic Velodrome

I scooped this one off Affinity’s blog. Sinda Jukka is a long-time Affinity supporter and he just sent Jason these photos from an afternoon at the track, where the locals raced to celebrate 60 years of the Käpylä Olympic Velodrome in Helsinki.

Grain is good. See the rest of these lovely photos here!

Aug 1, 2012 7 comments
Kim Heikkinen: Panning on the Banked Walls

Photo by Kim Heikkinen

This is one of many great photos shot by Kim in Finland. Such a great shot man! But that’s the norm for Kim’s photography. If you’re not familair, see the Related Posts below and check the rest from this day out here.

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