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2014 NAHBS: Mosaic’s Dura Ace Road for Crankstar Brisbane

You gotta hand it to Mosaic Cycles out of Boulder, Colorado. They really do love their dealer shops. In fact, this year, each of their bikes were designed specifically for a different shop, around the world. My favorite happened to be for Crankstar in Brisbane, Australia.

Painted in a navy and baby blue rings, this road racer has an intimidating stance. Built with Dura Ace (yes! calipers!), Chris King Turquoise, ENVE wheels, custom painted Shimano Pro Stealth Evo bars, custom Busyman saddle and bartape, this bike caught my eye before the show even opened on Thursday night.

I had a lot of fun photographing this one. See for yourself in the Gallery!

Mar 18, 2014 11 comments
2014 NAHBS: Festka Union Jack Di2 Disc Road

One of my favorite builders this year at NAHBS were the Czech builders Festka. Their work with oversized Ti and stainless tubing is impeccable. While most of their paint jobs are pretty over the top, this Union Jack Di2 disc road was actually pretty subdued.

Built for Richard Hardy, this particular frame was constructed from Columbus XCR tubing and sported a British racing green coat of wet paint, overlaid with a pattern inspired by the Union Jack flag of the UK.

When people asked me what the overall theme of NAHBS was this year, my reply has been: Di2 and disc brakes. Staying true to that observation, Richard’s bike is equipped and ready to rip. The addition of Rocket Wheels and Tune hubs gave this bike some European flavor amongst the sea of Chris King and Enve.

Remember, if you are interested in carrying Festka, or ordering one for yourself, contact Cycleast in Austin, TX.

See more in the Gallery!

Mar 18, 2014 12 comments
Tim’s Argonaut Disc Road
Beautiful Bicycle: Tim's Argonaut Disc Road

When Ben from Argonaut Cycles designed and developed his first road frame, he was content, but that didn’t mean his desire to create the best made in the USA carbon fiber road frame was sated. Ben knew the market was changing and wanted to have even more options for his customers to select when purchasing a custom bike.

With the popularity of gravel / dirt rides and races, he knew that his current racing geometry would need some finessing and with the increasing demand for disc brakes, the opportunity arose to adapt.

A bike suited for off-road riding has a few tweaks to the geometry. The rear end will be slightly longer, the bottom bracket, just slightly lower and the head tube loses around half a degree. This enables the bike to still handle fast on sealed roads, but really be at home on dirt. Tire clearances are important as well. These bikes fit a 28mm tubeless road tire with ease, which is all you need for gravel. Remember, this isn’t a cross bike.

The Argonaut Disc Road bikes that the Rapha / River City Bicycles team rode during the Rouge Roubaix were developed for off-road conditions, while staying true to their race machine pedigree.

For those familiar with the Di2 hydro system, you’ll note the front plate of the shifters were painted black. Other than that, it’s pretty straight forward. 140mm disc rotors, Argonaut Made in the USA frameset, ENVE bars, ENVE stem, ENVE wheels with custom decals and dripping with Chris King’s precision components.

Tim from the team has the first production model. After an afternoon of shooting photos and video of the bike in action, I took it out for some portrait photos.

This bike ripped apart the dirt and stood out from the pack at the Rouge Roubaix. See more in the Gallery!

Mar 12, 2014 39 comments
Bishop Bikes: Dichotomy

I know this isn’t entirely all that surprising but I found this photo series that Chris Bishop posted to his Flickr very interesting. This is for a Di2 disc bike. It’s great to see new technology integrated elegantly into a traditionally-brazed steel stem but the contrast still gets me every time!

See you this weekend Chris!

Mar 11, 2014 6 comments
Cycles d’Autremont Road
Beautiful Bicycle: Cycles d'Autremont Road

Hubert from Cycles d’Autremont has been in town for a few days now, en route back to Burlington, Vermont. He brought two bikes with him on his trip, one of which being this deep red road bike. The color is what really caught my eye, which coincidentally came from a reference in Rem Koolhaas’ book Colors – Hubert’s an ex-architect as well…

Some details, which will probably catch the eye of builders off the bat: To keep the proportions balanced on this 52cm road bike, Hubert machined in-house a 1.25″ taper head tube and ran a Chris King Devolution headset for proper stack.

He then used a tapered top tube from Deda so he could run a 27.2 post, 25mm Deda Chainstays and thinner seat stays.

Dura Ace, ENVE and Chris King, Challenge Strada tires… Yep. This thing is stylish! As described by Hubert “this thing for me was an exercise in doing a new-school bike”. Believe it or not, bikes like this are much cheaper for a builder like Hubert to make. The whole thing goes together much faster than a randonneur frame or a traditional lugged road.

See more in the Gallery!

Feb 6, 2014 22 comments
Firefly: The Bones Project is Live!

Ya gotta hand it to Firefly and Eric Bones. This project came out so rad.

“We have designed and built thousands of steel frames in our careers, and we have developed a deep respect for the material and process. The Bones Project is our opportunity to use our knowledge and unique approach to frame building to push the functional and aesthetic boundaries of the most storied material in cycling.

The Bones Project exists at the intersection of manufacturing, art, and performance. It is a collaboration of designers, machinists, frame builders, and artists, most importantly the brilliantly talented local illustrator, designer, and muralist Eric Bones.”

See more detailed photos below and check out Firefly for the full scoop on this unique collaboration!


Dec 13, 2013 3 comments
I Thought This Was Nice

I’ve been spending time with Lauren, walking around Melbourne these past two days and on our way to dinner last night, I saw these logos on an old storefront glass. They were hand-drawn on the backside as well. I’m guessing it was an old bike shop?

Until I start photographing bikes and shops, I’ll be uploading the non-cycling side of this trip to my Flickr, so follow along there!

Oct 20, 2013 3 comments
531 Cecil Walker Track with Zipp Wheels
Beautiful Bicycle: 531 Cecil Walker Track with Zipp

The story with this bike in particular is a common tale. As a youngster, the owner used to race at the velodromes here in Melbourne. Like many kids growing up, he rode what he could afford to and when the time came, he sold off his bikes to buy new ones.

As adults, many people track down their distant memories and relive their youth. The owner of this gorgeous 531 Cecil Walker track just recently put it together to get back onto the boards and what a build. A brand new frame, complete with Dura Ace track parts, Zipp 1150 rear and a Zipp 3000 tri-spoke front would bring out the inner child in any track racer.

Apr 17, 2013 9 comments