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Well Used: White Industries VBC Cranks

Even I was a bit skeptical about the ability for my Geekhouse Woodville to throw from a 50t to a 32t consistently, using White Industries’ VBC cranks. But more importantly, I was interested in seeing how the crank arms and rings would hold up to daily use. Well, the front derailleur still throws just fine and they haven’t shown much wear at all. Go figure.

With around 10 months of heavy use, as you can see, they’re still kicking and show very little ‘tooth decay’. There’s very little crank arm rub as well. My Woodville is primarily my around-town, errand getter, bar bike and my go-to ‘big fuckin rides’ vehicle of choice. It’s been camping, tackled the MSOJ and blasted through tons of 1-track.

I have to admit, these are some of my favorite cranks I’ve ever owned.

After receiving emails from people, asking to see updates on the drivetrain, I shot a few yesterday. Check out more below.


Apr 7, 2014 14 comments
Paul Component: October is Blue

This month, Paul Component is doing batch blue components. Everything, yes, everything in their line can be ordered blue. Read up and order over at Paul!

Oct 2, 2013 Comments are OFF
Two Phil Wood Products for You: Cranks and Collars

I showed you the Phil Wood 40th anniversary singlespeed cranks back at the 2011 NAHBS on the Horton Collection’s bike by Bilenky. Then last year at Interbike last year, where they were dubbed “singlespeed, not track” cranks, due to their Q-factor. Now, nothing on the Phil Wood site says anything about a track crank, but I know they were working towards that last year at Interbike. Regardless, these things are balleur. Get on that pre-order!

Also from Phil Wood are seatpost collars. Another fine piece of machined metal.

Contact Phil Wood for pre-ordering information.

Aug 30, 2012 9 comments
Every Bike Shop Has One Photo

And this is King Kog‘s. Tracko always gives me a hard time about not looking around enough, but maybe he’s into this? I’m adding this to a series of prints I hope to have at the end of the month. Who’d buy one?

Mar 27, 2012 5 comments