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SWRVE: Gore-Tex Belgian Cap

It’s funny how a ten-degree drop in temperature here in Austin has me scrambling to find my winter caps again. Little reminders, brought on my cold fronts, always alert me to the fact that the rest of the US is still very much in winter. While I’d only be able to wear the SWRVE Gore-Tex Belgian Cap once and a while here in Texas, I’m sure the rest of you would love to have one of these around your ears in the morning. Made in the USA and in an array of colors, pick one up here at SWRVE.

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Jan 29, 2013 2 comments
Day 02 of the Giro New Road Photo Shoot
Day 02 of the Giro New Road Photo Shoot

We started our day at a reasonable hour and after breakfast, the team got an intro to Giro‘s new cycling apparel line, the New Road. I can’t say a whole lot about it but what I will say is this is far from “commuter wear” and a completely different approach to your typical road wear.  The most appealing aspect of the line is that it’s all made in the USA.

Our day began leaving the ranch where we’re staying, down a gravel road and out, along the 128 to the 1. At mile 45, we stopped for lunch and to my surprise, had only climbed around 1,000′. Then, jokingly Mark said “oh, there’s a climb”, a Cat 2 trek awaited us off the 1 and it hurt but the 1,000′ descent in 3 miles was exhilarating. At mile 70, we tacked in around 5,000′. Once back at the ranch, we soaked in the waining sunlight, drank some beer and sat in the hot tub, ready to tackle another day on the bike…

Expect a little more riding photos tomorrow, as well as some more teaser shots of the New Road line.

Oct 19, 2012 23 comments
SWRVE’s Storefront
Shop Visit: SWRVE's Storefront

The last time I visited the Los Angeles-based cycling apparel brand SWRVE‘s shop, they had just relocated and had big plans to expand their floorplan to include a storefront. Last week, before skipping town, I headed over to check out their newly-opened retail space. For a brand like SWRVE, most of their sales are online, so a retail space wasn’t of the highest priority. But they wanted the city of Los Angeles to have a place where customers could come try on the clothing and actually touch the product before committing to buy.

I don’t need to explain any further the merits of buying from a store, versus buying online, so I’ll let the photos do the talking…

Click on the above photo to launch the gallery, or here to open in a new tab.


Jun 28, 2012 3 comments