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Andrew’s Festka Zero Carbon Road

When I first saw Festka at NAHBS last year, their High Voltage track bike caught my eye. How could you miss it? It’s been a busy year for the Czech-based frame builders, as they began to ramp up fabrication and finally, their international presence. It just so happens that a local shop here in Austin is the official importer of the brand. Cycleast is beyond stoked to be working with Festka and already, they’re receiving orders.

Take Andrew’s Zero carbon road bike for example. With a bright blue custom paintjob and a build comprised of Fizik, SRAM Red, Ritchey and Rolf wheels, this Czech-born machine is rolling thanks to Russell and his staff right here in Austin. Coincidentally, this is the first Festka in the United States.

Interested in one of these beauts for yourself? Holler at Cycleast and Czech out more details in the gallery!

Jan 27, 2014 6 comments
Last Night We Listened to Ben Talk About #Spacebikes
Argonaut Cycles at Shelter Half

I know I give Ben from Argonaut Cycles a lot of praise here on the site but with a product like his custom, made in the USA, carbon fiber #spacebikes, I don’t feel even the slightest guilty. Ben’s work is innovative and unique, two things that are hard to find these days…

Last night, Shelter Half held an open forum with Ben. People came, Ben talked and then everyone drank. It was great.

Check out a few photos in the Gallery!

Sep 13, 2013 4 comments
MelburnOut: Never Let a Mate Ride Your Bike

Photo by Andy White

… and this is why. Well, ‘Straya, it’s been fun. After my flight got canceled yesterday, I’m leaving today, so the site will be dormant for a few hours. Andy from FYXO will be posting more photos of me ripping his brand new BT track bike (with a black Shamal!) soon…

Apr 22, 2013 13 comments