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The Speedvagen Tank
The Speedvagen Tank

Ok, if I asked you what kind of car a Portland-based frame builder would drive to cross races, the last thing you’d guess is an armored truck. You know, the kind that people drop loads of money off to banks with? Yeah, gun openings, plated steel, bullet-proof glass. The whole works. I think it’s awesome that Speedvagen takes this beast to cross races. After I got done shooting Tom’s Speedvagen, he gave me a tour of the Speedvagen tank.

Nov 16, 2012 15 comments
Stop and Ride

What is it about the internet that makes people so entitled and judgmental? Who cares if someone else’s bike is set up differently than how you prefer yours. It’s their bike, not yours. I’m sure if your bike was featured, others would point out the nuances that you actually prefer, as faults. People are so quick to point out the negatives, rather than lift up the positives. All these symptoms are the mid-week stir-crazies. Just stop being so critical and look forward to the times when you can ride with others.

Just stop being an asshole and ride your fucking bike how you prefer.

Nov 14, 2012 39 comments
#NatureVibes 02
Recent Roll: Nature Vibes 02

The last Recent Roll Nature Vibes post got a lot of love and while Texas is far from the Northwest, it still has its share of aw inspiring landscapes. Last weekend the lady and I made the trek to Enchanted Rock about 100 miles northwest of Austin. This large batholith is the third largest formation in the world, and second in the US. We managed to sneak in before the crowds so I got some surreal landscape shots with the Hasselblad.

Oct 12, 2012 8 comments
So Who Doped?
Screen shot 2012-10-10 at 6.45.14 PM

Just about everyone. Does that count as a level playing field? Is professional road cycling tainted for all eternity? Is Lance catching a bum rap? Does anyone really care? These questions and more will be on your mind after poking at this interactive matrix of dopers over at the NY Times.

Oct 10, 2012 39 comments
Randomness by Bike
Recent Roll: Randomness by Bike

I love finding a roll of film you thought you lost. This one roll of Ektar was sitting in the bottom of my bag and I had no idea where or when it was from. Turns out, it was in my Contax T2 and I had taken it all over. Indonesia, Bali, along the ATOC, the RGR and finally, Austin. This is all randomness, pure and simple. Check it out below.

Oct 8, 2012 9 comments
Have a Great Weekend

Enjoy the cool weather, shorter days and colder nights. Each weekend, summer tries to hold on a little longer. Savor it out on your bike and celebrate harder than you ride.

Oct 5, 2012 2 comments
Emblems and Cycling

As a cyclist, I like to have inspirational symbols on my legs. A few years back, I had the Philosopher’s Stone tattooed on my right calf; an ancient symbol representing vitality, youth and the active elixir in the alchemist formula. On my left thigh, a hawk carrying a dead rabbit, symbolizing a predatory fight. Yesterday, I got one of my favorite Emblems from Lucas Jennis’ manuscript, De Lapide Philosophico, 1625 tattoed on my right knee. It’s a lesser-known version of Ouroboros, symbolizing the life cycle and unifying of polarities. The original Emblem had a lot going on, so we simplified the design, making it wrap around my knee.

The work was done by Megan Cates, the wife of a riding buddy of mine here in Austin. She works at Bijou Studio on 6th street. Check her out if you’re in town and need work done. Her linework is impeccable! I’m just glad I have another face to keep me company on rides…

Oct 5, 2012 9 comments
Recent Roll: Bali!

I thought I lost this roll of film somewhere overseas but as I was cleaning my office, I found one last roll from Bali. So I dropped it off to get developed and viola, vacation vibes all over again. These are all completely random and the film crops are all off (gotta fix that setting on my scanner) but they’re all pretty good!

Oct 5, 2012 9 comments
Some Changes to the Site

You might have caught onto a few of these already but I’ve been working hard with Jon Brennan to speed up and enhance the user experience of PiNP. A bunch of new additions were made today:

-Your keyboard arrow keys now navigate the photosets.
-You can now link to a specific photo (i.e. bro).
-Additional footer items.
-New web shop (I hear there are vinyl decals now).
-Faster loading on individual pages.
-Increased mobile compatibility with the Photosets.

We’re still working on some backend functionality to make the site load even faster for you. If there’s anything pressing we missed, leave a note in the comments.

Also, if you need any web work, I highly recommend Jon. He’s done a great job! Contact me to connect you.

Oct 1, 2012 17 comments
Recent Roll: Portland Randomness
Recent Roll: Portland Randomness

I mostly shot with my Hasselblad in Portland and in fact, I didn’t even remember shooting most of these photos. That’s always the sign of a good time! Check out more Portland randomness below.

Sep 28, 2012 7 comments