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Tuesday Teardown: Bongripper / Hate – Split LP

Bongripper? What do I have to say about Bongripper? For starters, I’ve been a fan of these Chicago doom destroyers since I first heard Hate Ashbury in 2008. Then Satan Worshipping Doom hit me in the gut in 2010. The intense momentum this fucking band has picked up since then is insurmountable. Everything they touch turns green and emits pure heaviness when sparked. After a successful show at Roadburn last year (which you can now buy their live recording here), the band has been working on re-issuing one of their classic albums, Great Barrier Reefer (also for sale now). Still, it had been a while since there was new material from the band. Their Sex Tape / Snuff Film 7″ was just enough to hold over my craving for wall-punching heaviness and now, their new split with Hate features their newest track “Fisting”.

So how is it? Fucking brutal. It’s difficult to type this write up while the song is playing. 11 minutes of giant riffs, heavy as fuck bass and colliding percussions. Just imagine the Old Ones colliding in a battle for the last rip from the bong. Around the 9 minute work, the well-coined Bongripper riffs hit the table and the entire world collapses before a cacophony of d-beat erupts. What I’m trying to say is, this album is intense and I haven’t even talked about side B…

By contrast, Hate’s songs crack open the sky and shatter the stars. As hell rains from the heavens (yes, that is possible), you’re left picking up your teeth. It’s an interesting contrast but that’s what make splits so great, right?

Pre-order the Bongripper / Hate – Split LP here at BONGRIPPER’s site and listen to the whole thing for free at their Bandcamp, where you can also buy the digital version.

Feb 5, 2013 2 comments
Tuesday Teardown: Bosse-de-Nage – III

It’s only by coincidence that this week’s Tuesday Teardown pick is also on Profound Lore. Hey, I’m a sucker for USBM and SF’s Bosse-de-Nage has been on my radar for the past year or so. While re-organizing some desktop material, I came up on their latest album that I never got around to listening to (cue my discussion on vinyl vs the digital junkspace that is MP3 music). Anyway, onto post-black metal, or as Bosse-de-Nage comes to call it, grey metal. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a suitable title for this band, as is post-hardcore and for that matter, I tend to think of USBM as a little ambiguous anyway.

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Tuesday Teardown: Ash Borer – Cold Of Ages

As far as I’m concerned, the bands on Profound Lore are some of the best. Krallice and YOB are just a few of the bigger names on their roster but by chance, if you let Ash Borer slip past your fingers while flipping through the stacks at your local shop, you better get back there and pick it up. Named after an invasive species of beetle, this USBM group resides in beautiful Arcata, California. Like their Cascadian brethren in Oregon, Wolves in the Throne Room, Ash Borer mixes a bleek and atmospheric sound that at times is closer to Sunn O))) than black metal pioneers, Mayhem or Gorgoroth. But don’t you dare think for a second their sound is the same! Their newest release, Cold of Ages was released in August of last year (bear with me here) and it’s quite the album. In fact, it should have been in my Top 10 of 2012 list.

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The PiNP Concert Slave Top 10 Albums of 2012

This year made it really tough to keep up with Tuesday Teardowns, mostly because of my travels. It’s hard to schedule album reviews while you’re in another city. I also had an epiphany one day: digitalization has essentially killed my music library. Not in a necessarily bad way, but an over-indulgent way. I used to comb over music blogs, downloading music from all over. It’d then sit on my hoard drive and go unplayed for months. What good was that? My appreciation for good music had started to die.

The final straw was when’s Megaupload was kicked and other sites followed suit (literally). One by one, all my favorite music blogs started to dwindle and the whole time this was going on, I was already coming to terms that downloading music is killing the industry. Every week, I’d head out to my local record shop and flip through stacks like I used to as a kid in high school. My ears were tuned in differently and I began to appreciate albums once again.

That’s where this list comes into play. A lot of these albums were on such heavy rotation that I barely put them back into the stacks. They were either purchased at my local shop, or ordered directly from the artist / their labels. While not all of them are metal, you can definitely feel a reoccurring theme…

Check out the PiNP Concert Slave Top 10 Albums of 2012 below in no particular order.


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Tuesday Teardown: King Dude, Chelsea Wolfe and Horse Latitudes

This Tuesday Teardown, we’re taking it slow and low, beginning with Seattle’s King Dude. I’ve plugged this band numerous times here on the site over the years, so little or no intro is needed. While a lengthy review of King Dude’s newest album, Burning Daylight, might help introduce you to this dark folk / Americana act, the above video just lays it all out. What’s the purpose in explaining something that’s so well composed? Burning Daylight is not your parent’s Johnny Cash, nor is it as neo-folkish as King Dude’s previous releases. It’s just damn good (dark) rock and roll. Stream the entire album at Stereogum today and pick up the LP at Dais Records.

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Tuesday Teardown: Blut Aus Nord, Cult of Youth, Eagle Twin

God, I fucking love this band. When I first found out about Blut Aus Nord in the mid 2000’s, something made them stick out from the rest of the more traditional black metal acts I was into at the time. Now, over a decade later, I’m no longer listening to the older bands and have been addicted to these French black metallers. I’ll even go out on a limb here and say that the 777 series is hands down the best thing to come to black metal in the past few years. Each of the chapters is unlike the last and yet, the symbols and songs somehow tie together.

Their latest release under the 777 guise is Cosmosophy and it plays larger than life. Huge, swooping riffs undulate before crashing against cymbals and percussions. This is not your Pure Norwegian Black Metal. It’s more intelligent, even more solitary and by all means less self-aware. The Epitome tracks arise from the darkness and pick off right where they left off, at “Epitome XIV”, before finishing at “Epitome XVIII”. And the only critique is the female vocals threw me off a bit. Pick up this record at your local shop. It’s well worth it. I only hope they release the entire 777 series in a box set.

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Oct 9, 2012 2 comments
Tuesday Teardown: Panopticon, Hooded Menace and Krallice

Tuesday Teardown is back and in a new format. Rather than review a single album, I figured it’d be better to post up quick reviews on albums that recently came out, in various genres. They’ll all be metal(ish) and they’re all worthy of a record store visit. Starting off with Panopticon‘s newest LP, Kentucky. Just listen to that opener. Since when has black metal and blue grass waltzed hand in hand through the forests of Kentucky? Believe it or not, it works. Really well.

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Oct 2, 2012 7 comments
King Dude: Jesus in the Courtyard

This is not your grandfathers country music and yet it is. I’ve been a fan of King Dude for some time now. In fact, I was at TJ’s first solo show on the east coast and have enjoyed watching him go from diving head-first into Neofolk to slowly morphing into a giant slice of Americana. When King Dude first started, it was a solo act. Shows were dimly-lit as TJ sat on a chair strumming his guitar. In recent months, King Dude has become a band, complete with a new sound and energy. The guys stayed at my house during Chaos in Tejas and I caught their show at the Parish. It was an entirely different experience.

Their new album, Burning Daylight is out October 16th on Dais Records and here’s a single from it, entitled “Jesus in the Courtyard”. You can pre-order the album now at Dais, so get on that.

If you dig this, head over to the King Dude Bandcamp and check out more.


Event Recap: King Dude at the Parish

Sep 14, 2012 5 comments
Tuesday Teardown: Burning Love – Rotten Things to Say

“No Love”

Even if you don’t know who Chris Colohan is, or what his previous projects are, it’s damn near impossible to listen to Rotten Things to Say and not make a connection, at least audibly to his earlier project, Cursed. Now, I loved Cursed. They were one of my favorite bands and like my taste has changed, Colohan’s has evolved a little bit. I say evolved because it implies for the better, or at least more fitting to this environ of a war and violence filled world.

Burning Love‘s Rotten Things to Say is not metal. It’s not hardcore. But it is somewhere in between. The aggression found in hardcore is there but the riffs and breaks all scream good old fashioned rock and roll. Just the “Intro” alone tells you this band has their shit together, even if it is in the form of a shit-eatin’ grin. But don’t let that catch you off-guard because “No Love” immediately busts through the wall and goes for your throat.

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Jul 3, 2012 3 comments
Droning Out at Southern Lord

The brand and label Southern Lord is a staple in any metal head’s catalog. While they’re consistently signing new bands, they’ve also done an excellent job cultivating their catalogs with re-pressing and re-issuing old releases. Most recently, Sleep’s masterpiece, Dopesmoker. I met up with Aaron Edge, the resident art director at the label for a quick little tour of their facilities in Hollywood. Walking through the halls and rooms of the offices was amazing. See for yourself below and pick up Sleep’s Dopesmoker re-issue HERE!

If you’re in Seattle, the Southern Lord tour begins tonight. Check out all those details here.

Click on the above photo to launch the gallery, or here to open in a new tab.

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