All-City Cycles Got More Log Lady Completes in Stock Dec 28, 2016

The All-City Log Lady in Los Angeles

The All-City Log Lady in Los Angeles


We’ve seen a few of these built up on the site, with the best yet to come. All-City’s Log Lady singlespeed mountain frames are a lot of fun to build up and ride either as rigid or hardtails. Head on over to their blog to read their newest posting about these bikes and head to your local shop for ordering.

  • Bryce Dillon

    Does Ritchey sell that bar stem combo?

    • hazen w

      Yep. It’s a bullmoose bar. It’s on their webstore!

    • Angelo Medina

      $299.99 though, = (

      • Rob X

        It is carbon, after all. You can also get a black alu Nitto/Fairweather bullmoose from Velo Orange for $90.

        • jtbadge

          I have the Nitto/Fairweather Bullmoose on my Log Lady. Super nice piece, rides and feels great in the hand.

          It is steel, not aluminum, which adds to that sensation, but comes to the tune of 700g weight.

  • Ham Sandwich

    with the best yet to come? fuck does that mean. who has the hottest LogDoug? does ultrabrobro have a rusty one with twine we dont know about?

    • We made a Log Lady out of Lincoln Logs and rolled it down a log run.

    • breed007

      I was thinking Kyle Kelley’s. I think I’ve only seen it on the ‘Grams.