Open Cycles is Mixing it U.P. Sep 14, 2015

Why not tackle a Swiss MTB race on a cross bike with 27.5 wheels and drops? Check out the full story behind this video at Open Cycle.

  • Bas

    So he’s doing a long-distance mountain bike race on a gravelgrinder/cross rig, which was already done by Fish on a Bombtrack last year at the 7-day (!) Transalp – And then in the end he doesn’t finish it, yet ‘kind of’ claims like he has done it? Lame attempt imho.

    • Tommaso Gomez

      Agreed, this is not the most exciting video, but the Open U.P. is probably the most innovative all-road frame out there. It runs everything from 700c road setups to 650b X 2.25″ mtb setups, and everything in between, with minimal impact to handling since the tire radii are similar. That carbon frame is designed by Vroomen (Cervelo co-founder) and weighs and 1150 grams, including fork. No one is cross shopping this beast with your run-of-the-mill steel gravel bike.

      • Bas

        True that. And I wasn’t going to downtalk the out-of-the-box thinking of Vroomen has done here, because I like what they’ve done with the concept of the bike.

        • Jason

          Unfair comparison: the rider in the Bombtrack video looks like a professional bike racer, Andy the guy in the Open Cycles video is the co-owner of the 2-man bike company that brought us the U.P. So let’s give Andy a break for skipping the hike-a-bike, and just enjoy that cool machine…

  • Francesco Boninsegna

    Honestly, on this course, any cross bike would have worked!