Royal H Cycles: John’s Randonneur May 22, 2013


Right now, this bike has no stories to share, save for its tale of a birth from torch and steel but in a year, it’ll have many miles under its saddle. John’s randonneur is the latest from Royal H Cycles. See the full set here.

  • Greg Ralich

    Return-to-center bar ends are unbelievable!

  • Mister Dangerpants

    Oh my!

  • Eric Baumann

    I can has photo credit? Also, need to talk to Bryan/Flickr about re-sizing images…these things are lookin SERIOUSLY low res…

    • John Watson

      I’ll edit when I get to Austin. Email me a photo at 655px and I’ll swap it out

  • test tube ( ‘| )

    Awesome! What brake levers are those?

  • Aaron

    So, so, so nice. But at this point, what’s another hundred bucks for some leather handlebar wrap? To go with the seat and hoods.

    • John Watson

      I don’t like leather wrap.

      • Aaron

        Yeah I’ve never actually tried it. But it looks nice. Well then maybe brown cloth tape with shellac. Still, what a gorgeous bike that will only get lovelier as the miles pile on.

        • test tube ( ‘| )