Chari: John Igei’s Winter BMW Gangsta Oct 12, 2012

Now that’s a winter fixed gear. Head over to Chari to check out more photos of John Igei’s bitchin’ BMW.

  • Cooper Ray

    brooklyn fork, taiwan frame?

    • John Watson

      pretty sure this one was still made in the States. One of the last runs made with the new stays.

      • Cooper Ray

        word, i remember the V2’s were US for a bit

  • Seanny


  • Brian

    Rad, could use some fenders though. Winter in the city can get pretty sloppy :-D. 

  • ZianStudios

    So sick! knobbies on fixed is addictive

  • Max

    yes.  until you skid.  once.

    • John Watson

      in dirt though….

      • Max

        I can see the appeal.  Still not for me :)

  • Taylor Sizemore

    SO sick.