In Front of the Lens May 2, 2012

Matt Reyes from Wheel Talk and Matt Lingo took these two photos of me at the 2012 RideNStyle. I never really get my photo taken, so it was nice to see these two pop up yesterday. When I sat down for the first time on Saturday to look at my photos, Matt was one of the people who thought it’d be funny to grab a shot of me, grinning ear to ear. I’m pretty sure Brenton Salo got one as well. See more film scans at RecFail.

  • brian

    you smile like an animated dreamworks character.

  • Chris

    Wait…are you in that pic Matt took?  I was distracted…

  • zeeeeeeecore

    priceless smile on the 2nd photo prolls

  • guest

    your lens hood is so JDM bro…ha

    • You’re not the first to make that analogy.

      • guest

        pretty legit, much respect

  • Guest


  • [email protected]

    i spy a municipal waste shirt

  • top one is hella cheesy grin

  • Dmrbrad

    Any pics of the blonde haha.