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Take Em From the Middle Zine

I like the way this sounds!

“8 page color zine with 12 water color illustrations by Zak Kirwin of cell phone photos taken by Leland Taylor from the cell phone blog Bike camping, bandit camping, vagrancy and GOOD VIBES GALORE! Join the gang as they crash the party in paradise. When you’re camped out by the fire, and you reach for a brew, remember “Take ’em from the middle, the others keep ’em cold, and once you’ve had a few, the rest go down like water!” Printed locally on some classy ass vellum paper! 5″ x 8″”

Pick up a Take Em From the Middle Zine at Secret Awesome, or grab the Zine and Bong Water Bottle combo and save a few bucks!

Mar 3, 2015 2 comments
The AWOL x Poler Zine

A few months ago, Erik from AWOL and I planned on doing a ride, not just any ride however, we wanted to do the Oregon Outback. 370 miles from Southern, to Northern Oregon, all at altitude desert? Hell yes! Little did we know, that ride would kick our asses. Well, my ass anyway.

Before Interbike, we had a party at the Poler store in Portland, where we launched these zines and patches. If you’re in Portland, you can still buy one at the Poler store, but for those of you who aren’t there, you can now pick one up here. The zine features a pattern drawn by LAND, a selection of photos from the Oregon Outback, words from Erik and illustrations by Chris Conlin.

For $15 shipped in the USA, $20 shipped world wide, each zine comes with a patch and all proceeds will be donated to an organization of my choice…

Check out more previews below but SORRY SOLD OUT!

Sep 22, 2014 4 comments
Dustin Klein’s Atelier 001 Zine

Dustin Klein, founder of Cadence has been working nonstop on his artwork and one way he’s documenting it is with a zine called Atelier:

“An intimate inside look at the various stages of the Dklein studio; finished pieces, works in process, observational documentation.

Perfect bound
20 page
Full color
5.25″ x 8.25″
Hand numbered 1 – 20”

Pick one up here!

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Outside is Still Free Zine

Pearl Velo has some Outside is Free zines up in their web shop from NAHBS. Hey, it’s been a while but there’s plenty of inspiration inside these newsprinted pages to make you want to get out on your bike.

To further explain what #OutsideIsFree means, Jeremy at The Athletic has a great write-up on these zines and where it all started, so go check that out.

Scoop up an Outside is Free zine at Pearl Velo for $5.

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Jake Ricker: Amalgamate and Born to Die Zines

Jake Ricker reached out to his photography buddies to pull together a new 70-page zine out called Amalgamate. The photos are great and the proceeds are going to help cover his wife’s medical bills after she was attacked by three dogs on a hike last year.

Some of the friends that submitted photography and art are:

Dustin Klein, Damian Riehl, Kyle Kelley, Jason Yim, Dylan Bigby, Kyler Martz, Matt Lingo, Terry Barentsen, Chas Christiansen, Crihs Thormann and Aron Dubios.

He is also still selling his other 60 page zine called Born To Die of his photography. $12 each or $20 for both. To help out and order PayPal $12 or $20 as a “gift” to [email protected] And make sure to include your address.

Check out more sample photos below.


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