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The Athletic: You Got This Socks

The Athletic are doing their own kind of cancer awareness in October. They’ve done a pair of socks with Cait, which you can pick up at the Athletic and read up on the story here:

“Our friend Cait — you may know her under the moniker @attnkatdaley — had a knock down drag out fight with cancer a little while back. One of the things that she used to help guide her through the dark days was the moniker “You Got This” which she had tattooed on her body as a reminder. Read the story behind it here » What “You Got This” Means To Me.

Her friend (our illustration hero) Chris Piascik did the lettering, which he always does well. ”

Miss ya Cait!

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Strawfoot: Summer Weight Wool Sock Restock

Summer weight wool is pretty much the best thing you can put on your feet during the hot months. They dry super fast, are durable and you can wear them multiple days without having to wash due to excessive stank…

These Strawfoot socks are all that and they look great. Highly recommended.

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Strawfoot’s Got New Socks

Everyone’s got their favorite pair of socks. It just so happens that my favorite pair came from Strawfoot, over a year ago. I’ve worn them everywhere. For the summer months, Strawfoot got a fresh stock of three new designs, made from DeFeet’s Wooleater model.

See all three new sock designs at Strawfoot.

Jun 1, 2014 2 comments
Cinelli Winged Store: Ana Benaroya Collection

Here’s the latest from Cinelli in their artist series:

“In her second collaboration with Cinelli, Jersey City based illustrator Ana Benaroya came up with 2 new sock designs taking inspiration from the iconic winged ‘C’. The ‘Snake’ and ‘Star’ collection features Ana’s truly distinctive style mixing lively colors and shapes on high performance socks Made in Italy.

As well as her design collaborations with Cinelli, Ana has also contributed artwork designs for New York’s Lincoln Center, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, Ralph Lauren, and Simon and Shuster.”

See the full collection at the Cinelli Winged Store!

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Specialized: Color Dipped Collection Part 01
Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 3.41.02 PM

To keep your summer bright for the next three months, Specialized will be offering a “Color Dipped Collection“, featuring three products, all washed with the same color. The first month being chartreuse and I’m guessing a blue and a bright red or orange will follow.

See the full offering below and head to your local Specialized shop to order this limited edition set.


May 6, 2014 5 comments
Tenspeed Hero: Spring Products

Tenspeed Hero’s new spring line looks great. With products for men and women. Like, bibs designed specifically for women. Not just bibs made for men that women have to wear. Head over to Tenspeed Hero for bibs made for men, women and socks made for feet.

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