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DVS for Cinelli: Luster Sneakers
Cinelli_01 copy

DVS and Cinelli continue their longstanding collaboration with the Luster yet again. This time, offering a Laser and Vigorosa colorway. Both of which are in stock now!

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Outlier and Vans

This one came way out of left field but it looks great! Outlier and Vans collaborated on the Submarine Bedford sneaker:

“One of the dirty little secrets behind Outlier is just how committed we are to delivering value to our customers. We love working with the best materials (which are often very expensive) so it’s not always obvious, but we’re always pushing to deliver incredible quality at the best possible price. So when we got an opportunity to work with Vans on a shoe… well damn, not only did a lot of us grow up wearing Vans, but it was also a chance to make a great shoe at a really accessible price, so we didn’t hesitate.

Outlier meets Vans, the Supermarine Bedford. Water resistant Supermarine Cotton®, stainless steel hardware, pigskin cupped insoles, and of course a Vans OTW vulcanized waffle sole. $90. Available now.

Jul 25, 2013 1 comment
Cadence: DVS Fantoms In Stock

The DVS X CA DNC line always delivers and the newest model, the Fantom looks great. Pick up either black or white, while stock lasts, at Cadence.

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Chrome Introduces the STORM 415 Fabric and Cordura Footwear

Today, Chrome launched the 415 Urban Work Boot and the STORM 415 Urban Work Boot. These aren’t your normal sneakers. Think of them as mobility work boots: all the stability of a boot with the comfort of a sneaker. The STORM 415 is made from waterproof cordura (pictured) and the 415 Urban is fabric. I like the look of these boots and there’s more information below, including the official PR from Chrome.


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The New and Improved DVS x CA DNC Rico

For the past few months, I’ve been wearing Vans because my DVS x CA DNC Rico’s had finally worn out. And it wasn’t until I put on the new models that I forgot how much I missed these sneakers. They’re comfortable, simple and man, those soles make a world of difference on a track pedal. The overall construction of this year’s release has improved a lot and I’m glad to have them back in my normal rotation. Swoop some here, at Cadence.

Oct 9, 2012 2 comments
Chrome: Four New Shoe Models for Summer 2012

Chrome has four new shoe models hitting the shelves of your local bike shop this summer. The Kursk, The Southside and two colorways of the new women’s sneaker, the Dolores. Check out more information below.


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Retrofitz: Turn any Sneaker into an SPD Cycling Shoe

Is this the answer everyone’s been looking for? Could be. Retrofitz makes these SPD kits, allowing you to cut up your sneakers of choice and add a cleat-mount. While they don’t sell the part kit outside of Santa Cruz, you can buy some ready-to-go conversions at their site. So is this the answer? Maybe, if that’s what you were looking for. But I din’t think the solution is as simple as this. Not unless you add a high-density nylon flank to the insole. But it’s a start.

Apr 2, 2012 6 comments
The Outlier Feit Supermarines 2012 Edition
The Outlier Feit Supermarines 2012 Edition.

I really, truly miss my NYC family but it’s great to see various brands continue to grow each time I’m back in town. While I was in the Outlier offices last week, I shot some photos of their new The Outlier Feit Supermarines 2012 Edition. These sneakers may not be for everyone, or everyone’s budget but as history proves, they’ll sell out faster than your RSS reader will pick up on this post. They presale now for $290. Check out a gallery and a press release below.

Check out more by clicking the photo above or here to open in a new tab.


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