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SOLD OUT: The Radavist Howdy Coyote Pocket T

Howdy Coyote is here to remind you to be nice and say ‘howdy’ on the trail. Although, if you catch an ol’ timer out there, they might stop you for a conversation, because back in the day, ‘howdy’ was a question; a shortened form of “how do you do?” and still to this day, to some that’s an open invitation for a dialog. Hell, we could use a little more face to face time with our fellow humans these days, especially out on the trails, where like-minded souls flee to in an attempt to escape the day to day grind of city livin’. So do like Howdy Coyote and make sure to say hello.

These Kyler Martz-designed t-shirts are made from American Apparel pocket t-shirts and printed by FUN Artists in Los Angeles. They’re $25 shipped to the USA and $40 shipped worldwide. Swoop up now while they’re in stock below. SORRY SOLD OUT!

May 20, 2018 1 comment
Pick Up the New Team Rock Lobster CX T-Shirt by Campbell Steers

Team Rock Lobster CX has some new shirts for sale, and we wanted to spread the word!

“Hi Everybody! We at Team Rock Lobster believe that getting involved in cycling at a young age can lead to many health, psychological, and social benefits. To that end Campbell Steers and Carter Chappell of Team Rock Lobster in collaboration with Iris Alonzo the Co-Founder of Everbody.World have designed these t-shirts to help fund the Team Rock Lobster Juniors CX Development squad! The proceeds from this project will be the seed money to start building a fleet of fully Made in the USA loaner bikes for our Juniors to use during the coming Cyclocross seasons.”

Check out more information and scoop one up at the Team Rock Lobster CX Blog!

Jan 29, 2018 14 comments
VYNL Fights + RJ Rabe Shirts

Collaborations with a good cause!

“VYNL Fights is a limited edition run of artist collaboration pieces that support various relevant causes we feel are important.

With the VYNL Fights + RJ Rabe collaboration, 100% of the proceeds will go towards the International Rescue Committee’s emergency appeal to help the thousands of refugees left stranded in the wake of the current political US crisis. ”

Scoop up one at VYNL.

Feb 1, 2017 8 comments
Team Dream Fall Drop

There’s a whole lotta new happening over at Team Dream’s webshop, including purple compression bibs, pizza-grease tie-die Pizza Strava and more. Head on over to Team Dream to see the full fall launch.

Oct 10, 2016 3 comments
New Manual for Speed Shirts

“Venga!” “Hup!” “Allez!” these three words can be heard atop the climbs of many road races worldwide. Manual for Speed’s newest shirts celebrate these timeless chants in three shirts, in stock now at their web shop.

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Manual for Speed introduces Liquid Speed T

Charles Williams11Made Up has done something special with Speed. He’s managed to evoke Speed at its most liquid and fluorescent. A version of Speed so fresh that the paint, if this was paint—if this was a painted UFO shaped like the word Speed flying through the air high above the major cities and culturally important sites of the world, higher than the Goodyear Blimp and all the other flying objects of man—would never have the chance to dry. This Speed UFO would let the world know that Speed is fluid, Speed is bright, Speed is exciting, that Speed is forever new! Until that UFO appears, we have an idea of it down here on Earth and we’ve captured it in a beautiful graphic. The point here is that Speed is so fast it will never dry, never be static, never settle.

Available now on Manual For Speed >> <<

P.S. You might notice a few other new items up in the store. While you can buy them now MFS will making much ado about them throughout the week. ;)

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Fat Chance Vintage T-Shirts

Fat Chance looks back to its roots with these vintage “star” shirts. For a while, you could find these at swap meets in the north east, littered with grease stains and holes. Now you can put your own beausage on one! On sale now at Fat Chance for $20.

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Silca’s Throwback Tee

Ya know, Silca didn’t begin in Indianapolis. There’s a long legacy of pump making in that brand’s DNA. To commemorate this legacy, as well as the Giro, Silca teamed up with Tim DeBoom to illustrate this 1970’s team car and had them printed at Endurance Conspiracy in Boulder.

Scoop one up at Silca.

May 10, 2016 2 comments