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RecFail with Damian Riehl

Photo by Matt Lingo

I’m really digging this photo from a set that Matt Lingo shot with Damian Riehl on a rainy afternoon in Porland a few weeks back. Head over to RecFail to see more.

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RecFail: Velodeath in Tecolote

Matt Lingo recently was sent a substantial care package from the guys at Velodeath, so he and Josh Hayes took to the woods for some October shreddage. Head over to RecFail to see a few more photos.

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Matt Lingo in Portland

Photos by Matt Lingo

Portland is the place to be this time of year if you enjoy riding in the rain! Matt Lingo was in Portland, shooting for Chrome and got to spend time with some solid dudes. Head over to Recfail to see more!

Nov 17, 2013 1 comment
Rec Fail: Ride + Style Crit Qualifier

Photo by Matt Lingo

This weekend was the Ride N Style Crit qualifier in Phoenix, Arizona. Matt Lingo went down to shoot photos of the event for State Bicycle Co and there’s a post up on Recfail with a lot of great shots.

Don’t worry, this isn’t the official Red Bull RideNStyle qualifier, that’ll take place in SF at the MiniDrome.

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Rec Fail: Woodward West Fixed Gear Weekend

Photo by Matt Lingo

I can’t post just one of Matt’s photos without wanting to post them all, so I’ll use this group shot as a launch for his awesome post on the Woodward West Fixed Gear Weekend. Head to Recfail to see the rest!

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