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Sound of a Ride

Here’s a rather creative take on your typical slow-motion bermshot MTB video. Turn up the volume to really feel the trail…

Feb 1, 2016 1 comment
Johnny O’ Mara’s Yeti ARC
Johnny O' Mara's Yeti ARC

This bike has a rich history and for vintage MTB collectors like Martin of Second Spin Cycles, it was a must-have for his extensive catalog. You see, Martin is a curator of sorts. Up until recently, he was commissioned by other collectors and hobbyists to build their dream bike. Whether it was a Yeti or a Yo Eddy, Martin had a knack for finding even the rarest components or accessories to top off a vintage build. Now Martin’s life is too busy to spend time for other people and has began focusing on his own bikes, which he actually rides quite frequently, whereas most collectors just display.

Now, back to this special Yeti ARC. A little while ago this frame popped up on eBay. It had a Johnny O’Mara decal on the toptube, signature hand-machined cable ferrels, FTW welds and a serial tag of number 90. All the signs pointed to this being an actual Johnny O’Mara bike, but there was one thing that threw Martin off: the bike was in Germany. The vintage MTB world is a strange one. Collectors scour the internet all over and if someone really wants a bike, they’ll pay top dollar for it. That said, Martin wasn’t too surprised to see the frame overseas. Who knows, maybe the owner was a Johnny fan?

After acquiring it, he began looking at some of O’Mara’s signature build details. With this particular pedigree of Yeti, Johnny was known to mis-match the hubs and cantilever brakes. So Martin did just that. One black Shimano XT hub on the front, one silver Shimano XT hub on the rear. He also had a penchant for purple, so on went the ever-so-classy Cook Brothers cranks, ODI grips and Ringlé skewers. Onza tires and a Manitou fork finished off the build, resulting in one pristine Yeti ARC. So pristine that the heads at Yeti want this bike for their home office, which is where it’s heading next week…

Martin was kind enough to bring this bike to the Cub House in South Pasadena yesterday for me to photograph and if vintage MTBs are you thing, I’d suggest giving him a follow at @SecondSpin.

Jan 29, 2016 26 comments
Tyler Frasca Shreds in Santa Cruz

Kitsbow brings the super chill, super send-it vibes with Tyler Frasca in Santa Cruz, California. I’d say this video captures the riding there quite well!

Jan 26, 2016 1 comment
… And We’re Back

Well, sort of.

First, I’d like to apologize for the lack of updates this week. I was told we’d have wifi each night and I’d be able to update the site (or at least be able to login to the backend and schedule posts that were drafted.) Turns out, like everything in the backcountry of Patagonia, nothing is for certain.

The good news is, once the Santa Cruz embargo is lifted, I’ll have some really insane photos to share from our 4-day excursion into the wilderness of Chile during the Rally Aysen Patagonia.

For now, here’s a photo of Cedric Gracia doing his thing, which as we learned was to keep us entertained and my trigger finger active.

Thanks for being understanding! I’ll begin posting once I’m done traveling back from Chile.

Jan 23, 2016 9 comments