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Stoked Is the New Suffering
Sequence 03

Personally, romanticism of intense physical exertion hasn’t been my thing. Probably because as fitness found me like a dog finds the wheel of a moving car, the ability to document rides took precedent over turning myself inside out climbing.

In short, the main motivation for getting fit was being able to ride, shoot photos and not be dying the whole time.

Presenting cycling as something that is excruciating alienates a large potential of thrill seekers, at least according to my opinion – ATMO. Instead, going up that tough climb and stopping along the way to capture a switchback, or redirecting the group back to a technical section for a photo, always lends itself to a more engaging riding experience.

People often ask if it’s possible to get a real ride in while documenting the whole time. The answer is yes, your definition of ride just needs to change.

Introduction aside, there are a lot of people I know who, at least at some capacity, live by this loose mantra of riding. Most of them are really, really, really fucking good at bikes, but even better at fucking around. These dudes live, breathe and eat cycling. Cycling, and tacos.

Yesterday, Sean from Team Dream, Ty from Golden Saddle and myself headed up Brown to El Prieto for a quick and easy MTB ride. We’re all strong in our own ways. Sean can sprint up a fire road and look scared on descents like none other. Ty is a gravity bully on descents, but will always stop to hit a line that no one else sees.

Myself, I’m an ok climber, equally as ok descending and decent at shooting photos. My crowning achievement yesterday, however, was my #RubberSideUp. Party on dudes.

Dec 9, 2014 25 comments
Rubber Side Up 09
Processed with VSCOcam with a9 preset

Photo by Sean Talkington

Bad lines, good times. Today, Ty took Sean and me up this rain canyon in the Angeles Forest. After Ty rode the entire thing with ease, it was my turn – Sean opted out – so he stood back and watched me have at it.

This one of those moments where you say “that’s a bad place to plant my front wheel”, as your wheel slides out and you go over the bars.


Dec 8, 2014 6 comments
Santa Cruz Gets More Rowdy with the 27.5 V10

The V10 is one of Santa Cruz’s longer-running frames, with its 6th generation raising the bar even higher for the world of DH. Now offered with 216mm / 8.5” of travel and two adjustable geometry positions. You can choose either a high setting of 64° headtube angle / 360mm bottom bracket height or a low, with 63.5° headtube angle / 353mm bottom bracket height. Seeing one in person surpasses any skepticism you might have. The layup and frame design is top notch…

But that’s only the beginning. See more at Santa Cruz.

Dec 8, 2014 1 comment
Everywhere Around the World, Dudes Comin to America…and Canada

Kidding my maple brothers and sisters. Kidding. Equanimity, equality, etcetera.

In this episode, The Dudes make like Eddie Murphy and come to America. They make quick work of it. Then they go to Canada, it is here that the user experiences the highlight of the video, some whimsical found footage in which the myths about Canada are once again perpetuated.

While this segment is certainly the video’s strongest, one cannot discount how awesome each of these edits are as a whole. No tricky editing, boom setups, high quality equipment, or egregious use of slo-mo, just get to the point ham on rye production.

Mr. Barnes also bucks the current trend of including the guttural howl of discontent arena rock or the staccato machinations of dup-step by tastefully selecting a a wide range of pop culture hits to accompany the flat out speed blasting that is happening on trail.

These segments definitely feel like the work of someone raised on Fawlty Towers and the Sprung/Dirt vids and I love them for it.

Damn Damn Damn these are good.

Dec 5, 2014 2 comments
Yeti in the Elk Mountains

Colorado’s unmistakable Aspens provide the backdrop for Joey Schusler to craft a visual story with perfectly planned shots. Take a ride with the Yeti crew on a shoulder season adventure in the Elk Mountains.

Dec 4, 2014 2 comments