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Jay Barre’s Bike-In Birthday Bash! – Kyle Kelley
Jay Barre's Bike-In Birthday Bash!

Jay Barre’s Bike-In Birthday Bash!
Photos and words by Kyle Kelley

A couple weeks ago I heard that the boys from Topanga Creek Bicycle were heading to Mt. Lowe Trail Camp for their Unpredict Your Wednesday event. In case you aren’t familiar with the event – TCB goes camping every Tuesday night and then does some kind of epic ride wherever they might be on Wednesday. It is basically one of the coolest things that any bike shop has ever done. I am not able to make it to these events very often because of my work schedule and/or the location mixed with my lack of car. So when I found out about the proximity of this particular Unpredict Your Wednesday, along with the fact that my buddy Jay Barre from TCB celebrated his birthday a few days before, I knew I had to be there.

Topanga Creek is open on Tuesday so it made the most sense to meet above Mt. Lowe Trail Camp, off Mt. Wilson Road, and drop down into camp rather than riding from the city. After setting up camp I asked if anyone wanted to head up to Inspiration Point with me and was surprised that so many of the people with us had never been. We took a quick moonlit ride up there before returning to camp to kick back, have a few beers and tell stories until we couldn’t hold our eyes open anymore. (more…)

Jun 20, 2016 5 comments
Down, Not Out

Martyn Ashton suffered a severe wreck on his bike a little while back, paralyzing him and many speculated he’d never return to the sport…

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Flashes of the Altai

Nothing like a multi-modal expedition through the Mongolian backcountry to make you feel particularly small…

“Three childhood friends set out for the far western corner of Mongolia to combine mountain biking and packrafting in a self-supported adventure into the unknown. Never having attempted a mountain bike to packraft link-up, they decided it was a great idea to travel to one of the most remote and sparsely populated places in the world to try it out.”

Jun 7, 2016 5 comments
Bikepacking Oregon’s Big Country – Gabe Tiller
Finding our way across the expanse of the Alvord Desert

Bikepacking Oregon’s Big Country
Photos and words by Gabe Tiller

Third time’s the charm, right? Taking our combined knowledge from two previous bikepacking trips deep into Southeastern Oregon’s Big Country we had linked up the best features of this stark, vast landscape. We would start by traversing the until-recently occupied Malheur Wildlife Refuge, head up and over Steens Mountain, across the dry Alvord playa, and up into the the unknown Trout Creek Mountains before briefly slipping into Nevada and returning to our car by way of Hart Mountain eight days later. Logistically it’s an intimidating route, so we scheduled short days, therapeutic hot spring soaks, and ample time for sage bush whacking and accidental mud wallowing. (more…)

May 31, 2016 21 comments
Trailside Dailies at the UCI World Cup with Trek

I love watching videos that focus more on the vibe of an event than the production. Not to say this is a low-quality video, but it’s more focused on capturing the feel of the 2016 UCI World Cup series than anything else. Nicely done!

May 28, 2016 1 comment