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ENVE Introduces 35mm Clamp Bars and Stems

Last year, ENVE relaunched their M Series mountain wheels, with wider profiles, enhanced ride quality, and anti-flat protection. This year, to follow up on this redesign, the brand looked at their mountain cockpits, revising the profiles and clamp diameters. After testing and refinement, ENVE has established two base handlebar constructions; One construction rated for trail and another for gravity. These new M Series handlebars now come in four base models; M5, M6, M7 and M9. The M5 and M6 handlebar models are Trail-Rated, designed for XC and trail riding or racing, while the M7 and M9 handlebar models are Gravity-Rated, and refined for the specific needs of enduro and downhill racing.

Check out profile and pricing information below and expect all other information to drop soon at ENVE.


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A Solo MTB Outing on Papoose Flat in the Inyo National Forest

Inyo County. Home to the lowest and highest point in the contiguous United States. Home to Death Valley, the White Mountains and parts of the Eastern Sierra. When I think about Inyo County, I think of a certain sense of exploration, of all-day, or week-long excursions into the unknown. I think of the very thing that motivates myself and many others to drop everything, pack up the truck, and just go.

This sense of exploration has fueled so much of the content of this website over the years and when I look at just last year’s best stories, most came from Inyo County. From our Triple Header out of Lone Pine to the Prospector’s Pack Mule bikepacking trip, and countless other stories from the region, this beautiful place has inspired me, and others, hopefully, to take full advantage of our beautiful public lands.

All this goes without saying, but there is an obvious underlying message in much of this content; be smart, be safe, and be kind, to the animals, the land, and other humans. (more…)

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Riding the Trails and Camping at Klondike Bluffs Outside of Moab

One of the things I’ve learned while spending time on the road is going with your gut. When I found out Easter Jeep Safari conflicted with our time in Utah, I knew we’d have to find camping outside of Moab. A few locals told me that town was mobbed, forcing them to seek refuge in Green River while people from all over the United States arrived in the Jeep mecca to drive the trails and show-off on Potato Salad Hill. I was bummed out, since I had been looking forward to this trip for some time, but figured something new and hopefully better would arise.

That’s when it happened, in a serendipitous way, as it often does. At the Green River Rock and Mineral Festival, we were mistakenly lead to a zone called Klondike Bluffs to rock hound with the group. Turns out, our group was supposed to be rockhounding nearby, but not at the bluffs specifically. While there, I noted what appeared to be an extensive trail network nestled in the rocky outcroppings and rolling hills. This zone backs up against Arches National Park, so it had views as well. Not Moab views, but views nonetheless. There was also free dispersed camping and a pit toilet. We were there on a Saturday morning and it was packed, with mountain bikers of all sorts from families to guys with pads and full face helmets. It seemed that I found our zone. (more…)

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Heading to Napa Valley This Week, but First…

… I’m hoping to sneak in a few more rides in the high Inyo zone, right after the snowmelt and right before the heat really sets in. This whole region is a literal playground for hardtails and road bikes.

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Riding Ridges at Sunset and Scratching the Sandstone Surface in Fruita… Also, Fanny Packs

Fruita, it’s the mountain bike mecca you’ve most certainly heard about before and it was the meet-up location for our group after our road trip to Green River. We had people coming in from Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Bozeman, Northern California, and Southern California so Fruita seemed like a good starting point.

Then some bad news hit. While I was in Green River, I met some people who had fled their home base of Moab due to the Easter Jeep Safari. Oh yeah, it was Easter Sunday! Each year, supposedly 100,000 Jeeps register for the event, overrunning the small town and its trails. With this news, I immediately realized camping at Kane Creek was most likely not going to be able to happen, especially over the weekend. All this was in the back of my mind as I drove from Green River to Fruita on that Sunday morning. (more…)

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The Full Stache 8 Looks Like a Good Time!

Olive drab. Check. Fluoro. Check. Chunky tires. Check. I’d say the Stache 8 checks a lot of boxes. If anyone’s ridden the original Stache, you can probably attest to how fun that bike is, so seeing it on a full suspension platform has me intrigued. Check out more details at your local Trek dealer and see the details at Trek.

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Adam’s Prototype Sklar Rover Single Pivot Steel Full Suspension

Bikes. People love seeing bikes. Especially ones made by this feller, Adam Sklar. I’m going with my gut here, which is telling me to share this bike, before the story of how we got to where this unique shred sled was photographed. I’m assuming you’ve probably figured out that we spent last week in the Moab, Utah area, which is where we linked up with some people from Bozeman, Minneapolis, Tuscon, Philly and Los Angeles.

We initially rolled through Fruita, then out to Klondike Bluff, a singletrack area between Moab and Green River, to ride trails, check out dinosaur tracks, rock hound, and enjoy all that Utah has to offer. It was here, that I shot one of the wildest Sklars to date – sorry Benedict! (more…)

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