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Surfing Trails in Bali

Footpaths, trails, tracks. All of which have existed since humanity dropped the nomadic life and began developing lands. Leave it to the bicycle for being the most exhilarating form of exploration. Even in a place like Bali…

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I Live Here Now

Los Angeles has always been a special place for me. A home away from home, a veritable bicycle paradise, hidden beneath a cloak of deception. The public’s perception is filled with tales of being forced to ride on the sidewalk, or getting stuck on Santa Monica Boulevard at 5pm on a Friday. Misery at the hands of a culture obsessed with the automobile. Bewilderment is an easy exit and many people, without a proper introduction to this city, tap out and call it quits.

Enter #LASucksForCycling.

But does it? Over the next foreseeable future, I plan on digging deep into this city, exploring not only rides, but the people who call LA their home, their bikes and the things that make this cycling community tick. All while adapting to calling a place I’ve held on a pedestal for so long my new home.

Last night Sean from Team Dream and Ty from Golden Saddle met up with me for a sunset ride on a trail I’ve ridden many times, yet last night this ride was a first. My first ride in a new home…

Sep 12, 2015 27 comments
Santa Cruz Drops the Bronson 2 and 5010 2

Santa Cruz Bicycles have been revamping two of their popular 27.5 bikes, the Bronson and the 5010. Each now come equipped with internal cable routing, improved geometries, 148mm rears and 20-25mm longer reach, depending on sizes. As with all SCB releases, there is a flashy and more reserved paint option to chose from.

Pricing starts at $3,599 for a complete carbon and goes up to $8,699 for a CC model with XTR.

Check out full specs below and see the Bronson 2 and 5010 2 at Santa Cruz Bicycles. (more…)

Sep 12, 2015 2 comments
Lookin’ Good, Yeti

30 years is a long time in this industry and to commemorate three decades of shredding, Yeti designed a limited edition SB6c trail bike. This is one of the best looking, modern mountain bikes I’ve seen in a very long time. A little throwback goes a long ways. 30 years to be exact.

The Limited Edition 30th SB6c is available now at your local Yeti dealer.

Sep 9, 2015 1 comment
44 Bikes Looks at XTR and XX1 in Detail

Rivalries between component manufacturers are ongoing. When SRAM introduced XX1 a few years back, they made quite the stir yet die hard Shimano loyalists were still uninterested. For people like Kris at 44 Bikes, riding as many different setups as possible helps him better understand his client’s needs, which is why he took a look at XX1 versus XTR on his site. Head over to 44 Bikes to check it out.

Sep 5, 2015 8 comments
The Pro’s Closet Interviews Joe Breeze

Joe Breeze is regarded as the maker of the first purpose-built mountain bike and in this episode of the Pro’s Closet Museum Series, Joe discusses the evolution of the mountain bike. Beginning with the inspiration of his Schwinn Excelsior klunker to the nickel-plated Breezer Series 3.

Sep 3, 2015 2 comments