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MTB India

Well, I have officially added India to my riding destination list.

Feb 14, 2017 4 comments
Rockin n Rollin’ in Hurrah-kin on the IMBA Epic Rim Loop

Hurricane is not HURRUHCANE it’s HURRAH-KIN. Spend any amount of time in Utah and you’ll quickly learn that. After our exceptional romp in St. Geezy, we loaded up our Yotas with our bikes and drove an hour to Hurricane, home to arguably the best trails in Southwestern Utah. We had a few days to explore with not a lot on the agenda, other than Gooseberry Mesa and the IMBA Epic Rim Trail. IMBA Epics are just as they sound, epic rides categorized by IMBA. It’s not often you come across one of these treks, so when you do, you’d better do your best to ride it. (more…)

Feb 14, 2017 24 comments
My Retrotec Funduro is Rollin’ Again with SRAM GX, Level ULT Brakes and Terrene Chunk Tires

It’s a damn shame. Yeah, it really is. It’s a shame that this bike sat in my storage room, with no drivetrain or brake parts for so long. After reviewing this Retrotec Funduro 27.5+ hardtail a few months back, I couldn’t send the frame back to Curtis. I just loved it so much. After some emailing, he agreed I could buy the frame, but I had to send the Shimano parts back to Retrotec HQ in Napa and buy him a new Chris King 40th group.

Months later, Chris King asked to have the bike for their 40th Anniversary show, so I cobbled together a partially working build with a new SRAM Eagle group and sent it to Portland for display purposes only. Partially working? Huh? You see, SRAM and Shimano do chainring offset very differently and SRAM’s Eagle ring isn’t available in 0mm offset, like their other drivetrain systems are and like Shimano’s XTR cranks are designed, so even though it looked damn fine with all that glistening gold on it, the chainring wouldn’t clear the stay… (more…)

Feb 13, 2017 27 comments
Weekend Warrior

Hey, did you hear? California is getting rain. Highways are disappearing, landslides are covering roads, but the mountains are rippppping. After a full week of riding in Utah, I took the rest of the week off but the mountains are calling yesterday so I hollered at Colin to go ride Strawberry peak, which did not disappoint.

Feb 12, 2017 8 comments
Rolling the Three Fingers of Death into Bearclaw Poppy and Stucki Springs

Where do they come up with trail names? Seriously, I want to be the guy that names new singletrack. On our last morning in St. George, we planned on meeting with Jon from Sabrosa around 1pm, giving us time to take on a few of the trails on the other side of the wash from Zen trail, namely what we found to be called the “three fingers of death.” Don’t worry, we survived. No one’s ghost-writing this. If they were, it’d probably be a bit better composed…

Anyway, we went out hoping to spend an hour or so on the trails and ended up racking up over three hours exploring the area. The Three Fingers are these mini alluvial fans that cascade down from the top of a fire road into the Green Valley. They are not deadly, but if you’re not comfortable doing a drop at the end of a downhill ridgeline, you could very well break yourself off. In the hour we spent doing laps, we saw a good number of people almost go full-on scorpion over the bars and into the red clay. (more…)

Feb 11, 2017 16 comments
Utah Needs Us

In the beginning of 2017, Patagonia penned a critical, yet warranted blog post about Utah and its connection with the outdoor industry. Then, last week, literally the day we got to St. George, Gov. Gary Herbert reached out to the Trump Administration, requesting the monument status of Bear’s Ears National Monument be lifted, allowing mineral and oil extraction to take place, resulting in Patagonia flexing its Outdoor Retailer muscles

In addition to this blow, the BLM has opened the land lease on the original Red Bull Rampage site in Virgin, Utah. After some commentary on Instagram, @ParkCityMountainBiking dropped a bit of insight on us:

“There’s a lot of folks here in Utah fighting the good fight, but we can’t do it alone and especially need those with a prominent voice and platform to push these issues to the forefront. Here are a couple of good places to start:

1. Public Comment on leasing of BLM lands (specifically the old Rampage site) – You can also use this link from the Sierra Club.

2. Defend Bear’s Ears National Monument (Use zip code 84032). Email is nice, but phone calls are better.”

So yes, Utah needs our help. If you have ever stepped foot on public land there, or taken part of your own kind of Rad Atavism, please take a few minutes and read the above two links. It’s gut wrenching to read headlines like this, but as cyclists and lovers of the outdoors, we need to do our share. Thank you.

Feb 9, 2017 9 comments
Southwestern Utah Sunset Chasing in the Santa Clara River Reserve

Utah’s public lands are home to some of the most amazing sections of singletrack, especially in the St. George and Santa Clara area. After we rode the Zen trail and refueled on a camp-cooked lunch, we loaded up Josh’s pickup and made the trek to the Santa Clara River Reserve. This area is home to a number of trails, all of which can be connected in a big, backcountry loop. Using the MTB Project App, we figured we had enough daylight left to take on Barrell Roll, Precipice, Sidewinder and part of Suicidal Tendencies, a black diamond trail in the Reserve. Linking all these trails together presents a 12-mile ride with around 2,000′ of climbing. The trails are clearly marked and are heavily-trafficked by knowledgeable locals.

Parking at the Cove Wash Trailhead, we pedaled out into the brisk winter air towards the sun that was already setting behind scattered cloud cover.

Feb 9, 2017 14 comments
Torino to Nice! RALLY RALLY RALLY! The Important Thing is All that Sun

Unless you’re John and crew down in Southern California you might be feeling the detrimental effects of S.A.D. You’ve got the full-spectrum bulbs installed, you’re taking Vitamin D, and when the sun briefly pokes its head out from behind a grey wall of clouds you stare at it with the earnest intention of an indoctrinated Breatharian. Or maybe I am only speaking for those of us in the Pacific NW? But you know what, that’s where I live, and that’s the only experience that I know so let’s just allow a bit of regional solipsism shall we? Does that hodge podge of conflated ideas even make sense? Does it matter?

The point is that I think locally, maybe nationally, we’re all looking for some sunshine. Some happy moments. Some bliss. And if you are in the subset of athlete>cyclists>dirt-cyclists>distance-dirt-cyclist>distance-dirt-cyclist-adventurer then I believe you’ll enjoy this video. But it’s only my belief, which really just boils down to an opinion, so I accept that I could be wrong and I am ok with it.

Feb 9, 2017 5 comments
REI’s Co-op Cycles DRT 27.5+ 2.1 Bike

I get a lot of emails and for some reason, as I was on the road in Utah, most of my inquiry emails came in the form of “what’s an affordable 27.5+ hardtail?” While there are many options out there, this one just happened to come across my inbox and it looks promising. The REI Co-Op Cycles DRT 2.1 hardtail features a X-Fusion McQueen fork, Shimano SLX components and clearances for a 27.5+ tire. While the chainstays look a little too long for my taste, this bike would get you rolling for under $1,600. Not bad if you have some REI dividends coming in… See more at REI and if you have an opinion on this bike, or others, drop them in the comments.

Feb 9, 2017 19 comments