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How Do You Support Your Ride?

Whether it’s picking up trash left by weekend warrior partiers, or putting in some trail maintenance time, everyone can do their share to keep trails beautiful. Head over to IMBA for more information!

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Seeing videos like this are always inspirational, especially when it’s from a woman’s perspective:

“Megamoon is a film about a journey by bike where love and adventure come together. Hannah’s personal story of how she came to be pulling a heavy trailer across the world’s longest mountain bike trail known as the Great Divide.”

For more info visit Megamoon!

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Ashes to Agassiz

This looks like a wild project…

“It’s been a journey, you could say. A real barnburner. A man at the top of his professional prowess, his mountain bike a natural extension of him, one of the best riders the sport has ever seen. But like all great heroes, adversity comes a knocking. For Graham Agassiz, a relatively benign descent—one he’s done a hundred times before—reached out with its wicked limb and smacked him down. Shoved a fat slice of humble pie in his kisser. With his neck broken and a career in jeopardy, the road back to the top is now lined with dangers and demons.”

See more, including some great photos at Kona!

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The Desert Ramble – Erik Mathy
Tim and Glenn push their way up the Kokopelli Trail.

The Desert Ramble
Photos and words by Erik Mathy

It all started some months back when Jason, aka Gnat, set off a discussion amongst a small group of us. The topic? A fatbike only bike-packing trip along the Kokopelli Trail to celebrate his birthday with Glenn, Eric, Lelan, Jim, Bobby, Brady, Cass, Tim and myself. The Kokopelli is a gorgeous, 142-mile, multi-use trail connecting two of the great meccas of mountain biking in the United States: Fruita, CO and Moab, UT. It features a ton of technical single track, rocks, places where we’d carry our bikes up embankments, and long stretches of desert. Once we got to Moab, we’d spend a day riding the Porcupine Rim Trail before doing one last incredible overnight camp on Kane Creek Road.


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Spencer Harding’s Idaho Hot Springs Mountain Bike Route Photos Are Amazing!

Photos by Spencer J Harding

When I first saw Gabe’s photos from this ride, It looked like an amazing route and after seeing Spencer’s photos from the same-ish trip, I’m aching to get out onto this system. The Idaho Hot Springs Mountain Bike Route is one of the latest series of maps from Adventure Cycling. It’s a challenging course with plenty of rewards, but at a cost…

See Spencer’s excellent documentation at his Flickr!

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Mission Workshop: Loch House

Scotland seems other-worldly to me and Sam Needham’s photos in the newest Mission Workshop Field Test series capture that bleak, yet serene, almost alien landscape. Head over to Mission Worskhop to check out the full report.

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Surly Goes Pastel for the Troll and Singlespeed Karate Monkey

I just wrote and re-wrote this copy, trying to come up with something clever to say about Surly in general, only to find the best way to present the brand is to let the products do the talking and leave the rest up to the consumer. The Surly Troll is by far one of the most unique bikes in their catalog. A veritable do-it-all machine if you will. Now, the Troll and the Karate Monkey singlespeed got a bit brighter for 2016 with two new pastel colors… Feast your eyes for yourselves at dealers soon!

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