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iMinus D: July 2012

Here’s the latest video from the iMinus D San Jose squad. Digging the switch action going on with Mr. Combs!

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Choose Your Weapon: 2012 Specialized P-Fix and SE Primetime

Who would have thought that in 2013, there would be two complete 26″ FGFS frames ont the market. This forthcoming year brings two beasts: the P-Fix returns and the SE Primetime. Both come in the ‘legal’ setup with a rear brake and optional front but once you strip them of those, you’ve got two street-ready bikes.

Matt from SE shot over the Primetime details and iMinus D posted up the P-Fix. Thoughts? I like the new P-Fix. Black > Red…

Aug 15, 2012 17 comments
iMinus D: Grime Ghost Pre-Order

iMinusD is now taking pre-orders for the new Grime Ghost 26″ FGFS framesets. These new frames are lighter, stronger and offer up a more aggressive geometry than the Goat. Pre-order one now at iMinus D.

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iMinus D: Grime Bikes – Pop Up Pop Off 01

You know what’s good. iMinus D, Grime and pop-up jams in San Jose!

“iMiNUSD and Grime held a no-notice pop-up jam in a Downtown San Jose bum park. The Don’t Nark In The Park Jam features riding from Ed Wonka, Gabe Alcantara, Alex Blanco, Matt Montoya, Christian Hamrick, Jeff Dempler, and Mike Schmitt. For a mellow BBQ day some pretty technical tricks went down. I almost can’t even tell some of the switch tricks apart from the natural ones. The scene out here is so next level, there must be something in that San Jose water that the government isn’t telling us about.”

Killer use of the Cannibal Holocaust soundtrack.

Apr 10, 2012 15 comments
iMinusD Leftovers 2012

I love how iMinusD‘s team’s leaftovers are still bangers:

“This is an edit compiled of all the clips that have been sitting and rotting on our computer here at the shop. Featuring riders: Alex Blanco, Devon Lawson, Matt Montoya, Jeff Dempler, Mike Dinh, and Peyton Schwarz.”

That last line is clean!

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Matt Reyes for iMinus D

Photo by Jef Dempler

I remember when I first saw photos of Matt Reyes on Trick Track a few years back. Now he’s the face of Specialized’s P-Fix line. Who knew? I’m into this ad iMinus D posted yesterday. Great shot Jeff!

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