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Riding in the Barcelona Hills with Legor Cicli
Last light.

Barcelona, at least as far as I’m concerned, is Los Angeles’ European sister city. Not so much in terms of its urbanism, or gracious public plazas, or the seemingly lack of vehicular congestion, but in terms of the riding. Mediterranean climates make for photogenic trails and even in the winter months, this city is a joy to ride in. When we arrived in Barcelona, I had no idea what to expect. Mattia from Legor Cicli and Ken from ENVE told us (meaning myself and photographer Jeff Curtis, who came along to document the trip for ENVE) we’d be riding dirt roads and trails all within the city limits. (more…)

Mar 15, 2016 9 comments
Later, Barcelona!

It’s been real fun! I can’t help but be impressed with all this city has to offer and we barely scratched the surface. Over the past few days we’ve spent the afternoons climbing dirt roads and bombing down singletrack with Legor Cicli, all within in the city limits. I can’t help but be reminded of Los Angeles, either! But like all good things, even trips to Barcelona must come to an end…

Today I’m hopping in the ENVE van and driving to Germany for the Berliner Fahrradschau with Crema Cycles. If you’re going to be at the show, track me down and say hello! Oh and bring me some Schnapps!

Mar 14, 2016 3 comments
Enjoy the Weekend!

Whether you hit the road or the trails!

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ENVE: Gravel Road Disc Fork in Stock

With a 382mm axle to crown, a 47mm rake and an integrated fender, the GRD is a road fork with just a bit more room for a bigger tire (35mm), without going all the way with a ‘cross fork. These details, along with the security of a 12 mm thru-axle make the GRD perfect for dirt roads.

See more at ENVE.

Mar 8, 2016 14 comments
2016 NAHBS: LOW Mkii Aero Track Bike
2016 NAHBS: LOW Mkii Aero Track Bike

What can I possibly say about LOW‘s track bikes that hasn’t already been said? They’re sleek, made in San Francisco race machines with plenty of both street and track experience, a clean profile and killer, almost race car-inspired graphics. Hell, even as I’m typing this, you’ve probably already moved onto the photos!

Feb 27, 2016 10 comments
ENVE Issues a Recall for their Tapered Road 2.0 Disc Forks

Sometimes technological advances hit a few bumps in the road. That’s the case for ENVE at the moment. They just issued a recall for their Tapered Road 2.0 Disc Forks, claiming up to 600 could be affected by a stress riser forming above the disc mount on the left leg of the fork. So far, a few have cracked, but no injuries have been reported. To see if your fork is part of this recall, head to Bicycle Retailer.

Feb 22, 2016 18 comments
ENVE Unveils Limited Edition Monthly Road and Mountain Wheelsets

During 2016, ENVE will be releasing a limited number of special edition monthly wheelsets, including an exclusive theme, derived from one of their partner teams, athletes, charities, designers and frame builders. Each of these releases will be featured limited wheel artwork, painted hubs, ceramic bearings, wheel bags and custom memorabilia.

The first wheelset features a SES 4.5 Clincher with a custom painted ENVE carbon hub for Team Dimension Data and the Qhubeka charity for whom the team races for to raise awareness.

These wheelsets will be available in limited numbers worldwide, both direct from ENVE and via ENVE’s dealers. See more information at ENVE.

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Seven Months of Shredding on the Santa Cruz Stigmata
Seven Months of Shredding on the Santa Cruz Stigmata

“If Ferrari made an off-road vehicle, that’s what it’d be like to ride the Santa Cruz Stigmata.”

That’s been the simile I’ve used countless times when describing how this bike rides. In fact, I still can’t think of a better way of describing the Stigmata’s handling and capabilities.

Seven months is a long time for a review and honestly, I wanted to get this up before ‘cross season began but with very little expectations to race this season, I quickly realized that I had been using the Stigmata in every other way than it’s market intention. That’s the beauty of ‘cross bikes though, right?

Let’s step back a bit and look at what this bicycle is. (more…)

Oct 27, 2015 50 comments
ENVE Launches New CX Carbon Disc Tubular Wheelsets

With a 31mm depth, an external rim width of 28mm and an internal rim width of 21mm, it’s obvious ENVE wanted to make a cyclocross-specific wheelset for dedicated ‘cross athletes. Available as tubular-only, these made in the USA carbon wheels were designed specifically for the weekend races and are available in a variety of hub, freewheel and axle specifications. Head over to ENVE for more information.

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