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Grime: Shred Well Two $5 Download

Tonight at midnight, head to Grime for a $5 digital download of Shred Well Two. Personally, I can’t wait to see this project. It’s been a buzz for over a year and I didn’t get to see it last year at Ride N Style.

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FBM: Eric Hennessey Cement Mix

Summer’s officially over but you’ve still got time to soak in some solid shirtless hours at your local park. Need inspiration? The newest from FBM outta do just fine! If you’re hankering for more, pick up a DVD of FBM’s new video, Vagabond Ritual here!

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Can’t Fool the Youth FGFS Video Magazine

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I can say, without a doubt that I’ve seen every fixed freestyle DVD out there and every time, they just get better. When Zane from Chop Em Down Films first emailed me, expressing an interest to come to Texas with a handful of riders to film for a new video magazine, I was stoked! Over the past few months, I’ve been hearing about him traveling to film with other talent. From Tokyo, to SF, Phoenix, Temecula, Long Beach and Los Angeles, Zane has been there, catching clips for Can’t Fool the Youth Volume 01.

With the premieres still unfolding around the globe, I don’t want to give too much away but I will say this: Can’t Fool the Youth is the most comprehensive fixed freestyle project I’ve seen. It captures all of the talent and even brings some new faces some much-needed exposure. It captures the daily lives of riders and maintains that “feel good” vibe that I enjoy so much. What Zane has pulled together in the first volume only has me more stoked for the second and the third and…

Pick up a copy of Can’t Fool the Youth Volume 01 here at Chop Em Down Films for $25.

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