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CSK: Physical Therapy

The Collard Shirt Krew always brings the creative street riding to the forefront of FGFS and their newest video is no different. Some of the lines Tyler pulls here are absolutely insane. That footplant 270 is gnarly as is that last clip.

Mar 12, 2013 2 comments
CSK Leftovers

Right now, one of my favorite “crews” in fixed freestyle is the CSK team. These guys always deliver. If you need some last-minute weekend inspiration to ride, check out four minutes and twenty seconds of radness above.

Oct 6, 2012 7 comments
#FF Power Hour 1-Year

This is so sick. Nothing like some super street tech with the LBC guys and JRuff from Seattle. Good vibes here.

Sep 8, 2012 2 comments
CSK: Jacob Ruff in Taiwan

Hell yeah! I love seeing duders getting to travel. Jacob Ruff’s a great guy and this video by K Birdie shows him ripping in Taiwan.


Jun 5, 2012 Comments are OFF
CSK: Spencer

By now, you should know what CSK is and even if you haven’t bought stickers from them (which you should do), you can appreciate their riding. Here’s Matt Spencer‘s new video, filled with full cabs, nollie x-ups, switch 180s and general street tech. If I woulda known this was gonna drop, I would have held off on putting up the LBC in ATX re-up!

Apr 5, 2012 5 comments