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Damian Riehl’s New Book
Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 12.19.09 PM

… doesn’t contain this photo – at least I don’t think it does – but it does offer an intimate and eery look at the streets of Portland. He’s got a Kickstarter going right now for Smell the [City of] Roses book. I always love a good photography book, especially from someone as talented as Damian. Even if you don’t want to contribute to the Kickstarter, have a look through his Flickr. I suppose you could flip through those like a book…

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Spin Cycle Mag Photo Annual

“You’ve been asking for it. We’ve been listening – so here it is: A quality 272 page printed keepsake of all the best of the first 6 issues of Spin Cycle and some extras that won’t be available online – including an interview with Sue Gornall, who rode the women’s Tour de France four times.

The truth is we need your help. If enough of you generous people buy the annual we will have the funds to pay for great new writers and photographers to help us carry on covering the British cycling stories you like to read.

Spin Cycle Annual 01. It’s a limited edition. Only 1500 copies are available. You have a chance to own a chunk of cycle history for just £15 plus post and packaging. If enough of you pre order now we can start shipping early May.”

Pick up a copy at Spin Cycle.

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73 Degrees: Volume 01

I love seeing frame builders getting much-deserved recognition, especially in print. Here’s an interesting project, 73 Degrees:

“Featuring Baum, Firefly, Seven, Richard Sachs, Enigma, Independent Fabrication, Tommasini, Crisp, Mercian and Pegoretti and Columbus, through interviews and some stunning photography 73 degrees takes you behind the scenes, into the workshops and into the minds of these iconic builders. With additional technical information to enhance the readers knowledge this is the perfect book for all those who love the hand crafted bicycle. With a foreword written by former Tour De France yellow jersey holder and Team Sky Directeur Sportif Sean Yates and with additional technical information to enhance the readers knowledge of all things frame building, this is the perfect book for all those who love the handcrafted bicycle.”

Pick up a copy of 73 Degrees Volume 01 here!

Side note: that page layout looks like a PiNP-endorsement, doesn’t it?

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The Elite Bicycle

Velopress is proud to offer the latest in bicycle coffee table books, the Elite Bicycle:

“The Elite Bicycle brings together intimate portraits of the world’s greatest bicycle artisans, examining the philosophies, the meticulous workmanship, and the eccentric personalities behind cycling’s most prestigious brands. Their materials and methods could not be more disparate, yet their pursuit is the same: the perfect bicycle.

In chapters featuring some of cycling’s greatest craftspeople, The Elite Bicycle offers up a conversation with the men and women who make the most coveted bicycles. Lavish, oversize photographs and personal interviews invite readers into their workshops to show the melding of old-world craftsmanship with space-age materials in fascinating studios and factories that fabricate superb machines.

The Elite Bicycle is both an homage to the bicycle maker and a collector’s piece in its own right, celebrating the stories behind the greatest bicycles and components in the world.”

Please, for the love of God, if you still have a book store in your town, go and order this through them, not Amazon!

Oct 21, 2013 6 comments
Merckx Mondays
Merckx 525

This week, I’m bringing to you one of the best Eddy Merckx books I’ve ever had my hands on. Merckx 525 is a wonderfully compiled, hardback collection showcasing the Cannibal’s 525 career victories, from his first junior championships to his retirement in 1978. There are so many photos I’ve never seen before inside its cover that I could have just scanned them in and had Merckx Mondays content for well over a year.

Gage + DeSoto have this book in stock now and are offering free shipping to US PiNP readers by using the code PINP525 at checkout. Pick one up here! I shot some more photos of Merckx 525. Check them out as well.

Oct 8, 2012 4 comments
Cinelli The Art and Design of the Bicycle

This just in from Rizzoli New York. It seems the fully-illustrated hard cover book, Cinelli The Art and Design of the Bicycle by Lodovico Pignatti Morano, is slated to be released next month, so head out to your local book store and pick one up.

For now, check out the full press-release below and expect a review shortly!


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