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Craft in Tasmania – Joe Cruz and Scott Mattern

Craft in Tasmania
Words by Scott Mattern
, photos by Joe Cruz and Scott Mattern

The Tasmania of reputation and myth is an island of remoteness, wilderness, and wildlife. This isn’t wrong but it’s just the surface. A deeper sense of a place—not just that of passing through, but being in it—is from knowing what people there love and make. It’s from meeting the unique locals and craftspeople, sampling the produce and products.

Global mass production enables our modern world but leads to generic lifeless products with each one looking, feeling and tasting the same as the last. And so we find ourselves celebrating individually crafted handmade things with a uniqueness to them that sets them apart. With access to quality and unique raw materials, Tasmania has this craft tradition. One of the ideas I find appealing about bikepacking is that it allows you to immerse yourself not only in the wilderness and wildlife but also to create opportunities to make local connections to the food and culture of where you traveling. (more…)

Mar 30, 2018 5 comments
New Belgium and Detroit Bikes

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that bikes and beer go well together. To celebrate their 25th anniversary, New Belgium teamed up with Detroit Bikes on a limited edition cruiser. Wait, is 2,500 still considered “limited?” Whatever! These bikes look great and they’re all over to non-endemic media, so head over to New Belgium to see more!

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Inside the 2015 Bike and Beer Festival

Last weekend, I made the short flight up to Portland, Oregon to attend the Bike and Beer festival at HopWorks Urban Brewery. While there, I was greeted with that I found to be a really pleasant and easy to digest show. There was just about anything a bike nerd could hope for: around 20-30 vendors, food, cheap beer, entertainment and lovely weather. Part of the draw for me to attend this show was to see builders who might not go to NAHBS and might not be right inside the Portland Metro area. We’ve already seen many of the bikes on display, so lets check out the show itself in a quick gallery…

Don’t worry, there’s more to come!

Oct 7, 2015 15 comments
An Evening at Velo Cult with Santa Cruz Bicycles

Last night’s party at Velo Cult was a blast. With events like the Gorge Roubaix in town, people came from all over the Pacific northwest to hang out, see the Santa Cruz Stigmata, chat photos, drink beer, eat delicious food, ogle vintage bikes and to see the new Domestic Display Tables.

Chris Diminno from the Chris King Gourmet Century was there, preparing a delicious spread of cured meats, cheeses and other nibble bits from Olympic Provisions. We packed the house out until late and before it got too out of hand, I slipped out to get a good night’s rest…

Check out some photos from the event in the Gallery and thanks to everyone that came out!

Mar 29, 2015 13 comments
The Vain Vagrant

Beer, tattoos, beards and mountain bikes. Pretty standard issue, huh? Not hardly. This one’s weird, but well worth the watch, just make sure you stick around until the end…

Feb 2, 2015 9 comments