In Case You Missed It: Dynaplug’s New Handlebar Mount Prototype Aug 8, 2017

Dynaplug has saved my ass on more than one occasion, especially on our sharp, rocky trails here in Los Angeles and literally a half mile in on our shuttle in Downieville last weekend. Unfortunately, the Dynaplugs are only efficient when you can access them quickly and mine are usually at the bottom of my camera bag, which forces me to plug the hole with my finger while I dig through my bag with one hand. Luckily, Dynaplug has been working on a solution to that problem with a new handlebar mount clamp that will hold their tire repair capsules. The nicest part about this system is it’ll save you precious seconds when it comes to rescuing your ride.

Once they release these, I’ll post again. If you haven’t checked out Dynaplug, do so at their site, or holler at your local shop to get them signed up as a dealer! Dynaplug is made in Chico by a group of rad people!

  • Chris Kyle

    This looks great for bikepacking. I do have one question about it, though. If you’re on rough terrain and the tire compresses enough, it looks like the pointy tip of the plug could puncture the Stans tape if the plug happened to be over a rim hole. What do you think?

    • JScriv

      I saved a guy on the trail the other week with this – but he could not find his valve core (who knows why he took it out). So I plugged his tear, and gave him a tube. As I rode off I wondered about if he were to put in the tube what would happen. Seems like you’d have to trim it from the inside as well…Either way i’ll never not ride with these!

    • Mike Lee

      i have had this same concern although it looks like it may be a
      problem i have not had this happen to me and most rim sidewalls are
      taller the the plug tip witch make it real hard for the tip to puncture
      the tape or even touch the rim. Dynaplug has a few plug types to chose
      from also like the bullet tip plugs.

    • Chris Kyle

      Thanks guys for the replies. I think I’m going to get the carbon(cheaper) version and give it a shot…not that I flat all the time; but you never know.

    • Tires are much more rigid than that. If the beads are seated, you hold the side walls and punch it through. Also, you’ve usually got air in your tires as well…

  • caliente

    Can you fly with these?

    • caliente

      like–on airplanes?

      • I have before, yes, in my carry on. Checked bag (bike case) would be easier for sure.

  • Francesco

    Are you saying that these are only effective if you manage to stop and find the hole before the tyre deflates ?

    • Not at all, it’s just less for you to pump back up.