Floyd’s of Leadville CBD Hemp Oil Suppliment Aug 9, 2017

Yes! Floyd’s of Leadville, owned by Floyd Landis, has been making CBD supplements at his Colorado-based facility and now they’re ready for public consumption. These soft gel capsules will help ease joint and muscle pain, in a natural, addiction-free way. On a personal note, I give my dog, Max, CBD oil in his food to help his arthritis and I love to smoke high CBD weed on bike rides. Check out more at Flyod’s of Leadville and good luck to everyone racing Leadville! I’m lookin’ at you, Mike!

  • Samuel Jackson

    Given the lack of thc, are these legal in all states?

    • yes

      • Crmsnghst

        Technically the DEA just updated their regulations on it then RE-updated again shortly after. There position is that if it is part of the cannabis plant it is a schedule 1 drug. That being said even in ILLEGAL states and on Amazon it is still being sold as supplements. Its confusing at best but if you are in an illegal state, watch yourself. (Source: Guy who works for an extract company in BEAUTIFUL Northern California.)

        • Hah. Damn. What about hemp clothing (boxers, shirts, etc?)

          • Crmsnghst

            Thats ANOTHER confusing law that is mostly determined by state. As far as Ive read the SOP is that “industrial hemp is legal in the U.S., but growing it isn’t” So basically you have to have an industrial hemp farm in a legal state but once its made into a hat or god forbid a pooka shell necklace it can be sold anywhere.

          • campirecord

            Patagonia makes a pretty good case on the subject.

  • Fred flintstone

    This is sick. Ordering now

  • Ryan Connelly

    No additional “supplements” right, asking for a friend who is afraid of the past repeating itself.

  • Jon Severson

    I just used up a bottle. Really helped my chronic pain issues. So bad normally i’d take 8-9 advil at a time plus 4-5 aleve.

    Not the first time I’ve used CBD. I’m a believer. Have a friend who’s daughter would be dead without it. Cool Floyd’s doing it right.