Kevin’s Yipsan Disc All Road

Custom frames, like their owners, are unique. Not to say non-custom bikes or their owners can’t be unique, but there’s a beauty in seeing a bike that’s made for someone’s special physical needs. In Kevin’s case, he’s got a short stature and short legs, making finding a stock bike difficult. Over the years, he’s made his options work, but it wasn’t until reaching out to YiPsan Bicycles that he experienced true bliss on a bicycle.

In 2013, he commissioned YiPsan to build a disc all road bike, capable of taking on the London Edinburgh London randonnée. This 1433km, five-day long event is the UK’s version of PBP and is no walk in the park. Kevin had long aspired to take on this ride and now that he had a brand new bike, he had no excuses. His YiPsan proved to be quite the ally on the ride and continues to take him all over the world, as evident in the wonderful amount of beausage found on this frame.

  • Those are awesome tires. What kind are they?

  • RX178


  • Parker

    Hell yeah, that’s a fun looking bike.

  • Gus

    The stance, big tires, beausage, and number plate immediately made me think of a flat-track motorcycle. So cool!

  • nothingfuture

    There are many questions I have.
    1. Why such a short stem? The top tube doesn’t look super long…
    2. Why no setback on the seatpost?
    3. What is Reynolds 852?

    I like the bike- it looks like fun and to be moderately practical. Just wondering about some of the decisions (and the reasoning behind them…).

    • Peter Hedman

      Can’t speak to the sizing details, but the “Renold 852” is a YiPsan reference to his years in Hong Kong – area code 852 – and his name, Renold.

    • Beau

      He might have short femurs like I do. I run a zero setback on all my bikes. Part of it is preference, but part of it is just having short femurs. It’s a thing. The stem is most likely because that’s the shortest top tube that would accommodate both the handling characteristics he wanted and having 700c wheels on such a small frame. “It’s not that long” is relative. Everyone is built different. That’s why we have custom bikes.

    • KED

      I can speak to the sizing details.
      1. So the bike fits.
      2. So the bike fits.

    • Chris Kyle

      I’m not sure of the measurements of this frame; but the rider is slightly smaller than I am, just looking at the bike. My custom bikes have 0-setback seatposts; but my stock bikes have setback posts. Now, the super short and slammed stem, I don’t know…maybe it’s more comfortable. I typically run 100 or 110mm stems on everything. Small bikes end up looking a little strange to get the geometry and handling reasonable.

      • Kevin Mulcahy

        The long TT and short stem is probably to minimize toe overlap issues

    • Eric Lee

      It’s Renold 852, Renold being the name of the owner and builder of Yipsan Bikes. 852 is the country code of where he’s originated from – Hong Kong. Renold 852 is supposed to be a fun tribute to Reynold 853. I’m a proud owner of Yipsan bike myself. Find mine at

  • multisportscott

    Awesome build, beautiful detailing.

    Can anyone point me in the direction on the Exposure Revo light attachment on the fork please?

  • shankshiv

    Drops Level With Wheel = AERO.

  • Erik_A

    Is there anything special about mating the Shimano XT MTB calipers to the road levers? Are the hydraulics the same, or is like short vs. long pull mechanical levers?

  • Locke Hassett

    Oh man, the trail on the fork is nifty.

  • Josh Caffrey

    Love the purple!

  • Davey Struthers

    So rad. Thrash Metal riffs

  • Samuel Jackson

    Nice build.

    The TRP rotor they used on the front has been horrible in my experience. It pulses under hard braking, seemingly due to its design.

  • alex

    10 speed derailleur with 11 speed shifters?

  • Tamás Varga

    I am also very interested in how the R785 shifter could be mated to the RD-6770 running 10 speed.