Restrap’s Mag Bottle is Powered by Magnets Apr 18, 2017

There have been a few examples of a complete water bottle and cage interface redesign over the years. UK-based Restrap throws their cap into the ring with these Mag bottles. They’re designed to work with standard bottle mounts, yet offer an easy-on, easy-off attachment thanks to magnets. These are especially helpful while using half frame bags. See more at Restrap.

  • Fuckin’ magnets, how do they work?

  • aeriolabehaviour

    The problem I see here is that one’s stuck with the same shitty bottles over and over… personally I like camelbak bottles, they’re the best for me, so… why can’t I use them with this system?

  • Ryan Anderson

    Doesn’t save weight, reduces interchangeability with other bottles and cages and if its anything like the magnetic buttons on their front harness pouch it will be more prone to falling off and much harder to re-holster without looking down. When I first saw it i thought, cool! After a minutes afterthought, its a really dismal system.

    • Mike42

      Ryan, what’s your experience with the front pouch been? I’m interested. Do you own one?

      • Ryan Anderson

        Its too small, they do a larger pouch for their backpacks but its not compatible with the harness. It can be tricky to get on, sometimes it can feel like its seated on when in fact its not and falls off. If you’ve ever tried to hang a picture on a hook when you can’t see the hook its kind of like that. On the plus side it is otherwise very high quality material and is easy to remove.

  • Charlie D

    Not into it.

  • I look at this and see a missing opportunity here. This could be slightly tweaked to make a really great system for mounting bottles on steel frames without cage bolts.

  • Peter M C McStay