Jay Petervary’s Land Run 100 Salsa Cycles Warbird – Jarrod Bunk

Jay Petervary’s Land Run 100 Salsa Cycles Warbird
Photos and words by Jarrod Bunk

Jay Petervary’s Salsa Cycles Warbird was pretty dialed for Land Run this year. Those Salsa Cycles X Brooks England LTD frames are so good. Jay has been doing the whole gravel and adventure racing thing for close to 18 years now. Fresh off his win at the Iditarod Trail Invitational a few weeks prior, JayP was in town for Land Run.

You can learn a lot about what works, and what doesn’t just by looking at his bike. Aero bars, double wrapped tape, 32c tires, bombproof Industry 9 wheels, and not overpacked with water and food. The name of the game on Saturday was mud clearance. It worked out pretty well as I’m told that Jay was at the front most of the day and even finishing with a 3rd place on the hardest Land Run yet.


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  • Bayo30

    On bolt on two is put… best way to save 2 grams and kill your hub on hard braking

    • Tom Braun

      maybe he lost the other ones in the carpet?

    • colavitos_ghost

      Have you seen that happen a lot?

    • Ace Metric Cycles

      C.R.E.A.M. (centerlock)

    • Smithhammer

      If you knew Jay, you’d know he doesn’t ‘experiment’ for events like this. Just sayin….

  • Gregory Ralich

    What’s under the TT?

    • JayP


      • Tom Braun

        he might want to put that latex tube in an opaque bag…I think UV light can mess them up pretty fast.

  • Nicholas Tingey

    I dig that cuben bag.

  • Cidertowncycles

    Thompson stem and post, and alloy bars, but saves 2 grams on rotor bolts? Doesn’t add up.

    The Brooks special paint scheme is stunning.

    • JayP

      Salsa Gel Tape. Double wrapped for bigger circumference = greater comfort for me.

      Yea, 2 bolts doesn’t add up but we all have nuances, habits and things we just do. I have many. I been doing this on my race bikes for 10 years.

      • I always thought it was an ease of swapping thing and not a weight thing.

  • Aaron

    Any shots of the clearance?

    • JayP

      PLENTY. 9mm from tire to chainstay with this set up.

  • JayP

    Thanks Radavist and Jarrod for the feature!

    • Jay, you’re an inspiration dude! Good luck in the next race!

  • andygowans

    Jay do you use those short Deda aerobars for races that don’t allow aerobars? Not sure if there is such a rule in gravel events but in non draft triathlon (no aerobars) if the extensions don’t extend beyond the hoods they can still be used.

    • JayP

      Still testing. I think they are going to end up on ebay at this point.
      I have not heard of such rules in any gravel event.

    • AlTilleythebum

      There’s at least one — has a list of rules a mile long which includes no aerobars. http://www.lostandfoundbikeride.com/lost-and-found/rules Also doesn’t really seem like that much fun.

      Every other gravel event I’ve ever been in, which have all been in the midwest, pretty much let you ride anything but a donkey.

      • Smithhammer

        “… let you ride anything but a donkey..

        And let’s hope it stays that way.

  • kermitonwheels

    That’s pretty dialed.

  • Robert Franklin

    Less experienced rider here… I did 100 @ Kanza last year & bailed out @ Guthrie at LR100 this year.

    I ran 40c tires, on the theory that if the peanutbutter mud was bad enough to worry about clearance I needed to walk to avoid ruining the drivetrain. JayP, were you able to ride the muddy spots on 32c without risking the deraillieurs, or did you still dismount?

    Thanks Jarrod for the pics, & JayP for the replies and friendly attitude on the street in Stillwater. Lots to learn.

    • Robert Franklin

      In hindsight, “less experience” is probably obvious. Is there anyone as experienced as JayP?

    • JayP

      Running a narrow tire to provide more clearance and cut through the mud outweighs the benefits of a bigger tire in such an event. This is what makes gravel fun. There is hardly ever a perfect tire. Now for DK chunk I *might* be on a bigger tire. But since I have run a bigger tire already at DK I *might* run a smaller tire just for the experience. This is all clear as mud, eh!

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  • Jeremy Suhan

    only 3 rotor bolts per brake? Is that legit? #neat

  • Steve Fuller

    Totally random question. What kind of bottle cages are you running here? I broke both of mine in the hike-a-bike…Thx

    • Joel Venable

      Those look like King Cages.