OPEN Introduces the U.P.P.E.R. Mar 2, 2017

The OPEN UP is one of the most unique bikes on the market and now, it has a sibling. OPEN introduced the U.P.P.E.R. this week, a sportier, racier frame with flat mount disc, a different layup, which makes it lighter and a stealthier color. Yes, the U.P.P.E.R. is the meaner, leaner version of the UP but is not replacing its predecessor. It also features a new fork, the U-Turn. Find out more at OPEN!

  • Jonathan Gresley

    looks rad-der!

    • Looks so good! That stay still looks like a cat with a broken leg or something though. haha

  • Chris Valente

    That looks pretty badass but, (stupid internet nitpick) for some reason the aesthetics of Schwalbe tires are always a turnoff for me for no sensible reason.

    • Not a fan of those tires either. They’re hugely popular in Europe (from what I’ve seen anyway.)

      • Rex Lombardi

        They´re pretty good for the winter when there is random snow or some slippery roads. They roll well on tarmac too. But! Nothing beats a Nano 40c so far.

        • Romain Mousset

          nano 40C sucks when it’s wet muddy etc
          compass steilacoom are the best

      • nielubieto’em all

        They’re cheap, that’s why I guess… And I think they have some decent MTB models, but rest of their ginormous lineup is rather tough & heavy aimed at the urban/touring market. I like their Kojak model (700×35), though, amazingly supple and grippy for the price.

        • When I lived in London, I commuted on Schwalbe tyres. They are much more plentiful there than in the states it seems. For me personally they were just great value for the money spent and readily available. Not sure about their more sporty or racing tyres but the commuter and other practical tyres are very good. Ugly, yea I suppose so, but still good. I have a late 50s Raleigh with a set of creme delta cruisers. Super sticky (almost too much so) and has both a reflective strip and a dynamo track built in. Hard to beat that when you can get a set new for £40npr less. If I could squeeze 35’s on my road frame, I’d probably ride em.

  • Fredrik

    $4700 frameset.

    Yah have fun with that.

    • Derek

      Yeah I will agree that is crazy for a Taiwan frame. I can buy full carbon full suspension frames with a top end shock for under $4000, and I can buy a full custom titanium frame that is still less than this. No doubt this is a sweet bike, but the price is a bit nutty.