Spending Time with Loved Ones Dec 30, 2016


… both on and off the bike – or a little bit of both – is the best! Thanks to Nam and Poppi for such an excellent evening. More on these two and this bike in the New Year.

We’ve still got our year-end recap on the way, so look for it this afternoon or tomorrow. It’s been a long, long year!

  • Chris Valente

    Damn so that’s what those super wide bars are for??

  • FireUrEngine

    Bring back memories of Mario Cipollini whisking away a beautiful reporter after a stage win.

  • I saw this on IG and swooned thinking about that Romanceur campy build. Can’t wait.

  • Noel Smith

    Gets my vote for best photo of the year on the site.

  • M. Lopez

    Truly a Romanceür™.

  • Smithhammer

    Dang, that pic is hotter than Georgia asphalt.

  • Harry

    Iconic image that will stand the test of time.