Tom LaMarche Specialized 2012 May 10, 2012

Where is Tom LaMarche? He’s still ripping FGFS in the Northeast for Specialized. Tony showed me some of this while he was in town. All of which was filmed in about two days. Damn. That statue garden drop is serious. Glad to see my boy’s still got it.

  • bootlegsessions4lyfe

    Best rider in Fgfs hands down. Actually utilizes the drivetrain and doesn’t just to do unclean 360’s and bunnyhop bars.

    • #fixiejesus

    • Exactly…fgfs isnt bmx! This shit is dope.

      • There are usually three edits a year that keep me wanting to ride FGFS and this is one of them.

        • Torey and Tom LaMarche are really the only east coast riders that make me want to go out and ride. I always find myself looking to the LBC to get inspired. I also think its awesome specialized is giving him complete creative freedom. Seeing a specialized logo followed by titties and someone shouting obscenities at police is rather amazing.

          • I was thinking the same thing. Pretty awesome either way.

        • mine may be one of those three haha…very different from Tom’s though

  • crihs

    “where is tom la marche?”

  • Jdhhsept

    im glad his ass got found! i was jonesin for some of this!

  • kye

    this is what fgfs needs to be! (fixed gear related tricks)

    wake up people!

  • yo dawg

    everything in this edit is bmx related…whoever says he does only fixed related tricks just wants on Tom’s dick

    • ya doggy

      sounds like someone in san jose is mad

      • yo dawg

        im not mad, i like tom and i would suck his dick no lie – he is legend. Tom for president. I’m just saying how it is ya dig.

    • child

      who wheelies on a bmx?

    • Of course its bmx “related”. The point is is not just the typical slow boring feeble bar, all skatepark, fly out, predictable no creativity stuff that has become fgfs.

  • fixed_hesh

    The first and still the best nose mannies in the game.

  • SJ all the way

    He rides to fast for my tastes. Plus no feeble’s or barspins, dude sucks.


  • 0:48 = OOF