Zelda Beauchampet: Fixed Gear Jewelry


Zelda Beauchampet: Fixed Gear Jewelry


I love Dutch design but I’ve never had much of an introduction to Dutch jewelry design. Read up on Zelda Beauchampet‘s “Fixie” jewelry below:

The fixed gear trend is rapidly clearing its way around the globe. Dutch product and jewelry designer Zelda Beauchampet introduces a “Fixie” for everyone.

For chicks weary about their boyfriends bike parts flinging about the crib or for boyfriends who want their sweetheart to stop moaning about it, Zelda Beauchampet provides the perfect solution with her all-in-one fixed gear jewelry set. Ready to hit the streets on the end of march, these 100% handcrafted bike parts fixed by a golden chain, come in necklaces, brooches and earrings.

Just like the real ride, the jewelry sets are made of separate bicycle parts. The difference with customary fixies, however, explains Zelda, is that in my design the parts are fixed in a somewhat illogical way. The female ways, she jokes. To design the set Zelda uses the classic frame with its recognizable shape and features. All together, each piece of jewelry forms one complete bike.

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