You Don’t Need Suspension to Ride Bozeman’s Main Street to the Mountains Trails!

Last year, a group of framebuilders converged on the bustlin’ little Montana town of Bozeman for what we called Home Grown Builders Camp. Each day, we’d take to the mountains around Bozeman to ride alpine trails. While driving to these trails is just something you expect, riding straight from town is always a treat and that’s why I really loved riding the local Townie Trails, aka the Gallatin Valley Land Trust‘s Main Street to the Mountains trail network.

Now, the thing about these trails is there’s no right or wrong way to ride them. It’s a very dense network of convoluted twists and turns through cattle fields, private property, and conveniently, right to the base of Hyalite Peak.

If you’re in the mood to try this We chose to ride from Alter Cycles, which is across the street from Wild Crumb, and Treeline Coffee, so feel free to grab a scone and an espresso before the ride. Meandering south through town, we navigated our way in an upward trend, topping out at the overlook on Triple Tree, where a fast and steep descent awaited. From there, the trail follows Spring Creek back through town.

Now, the Gallatin Valley Land Trust worked hard with private landowners to open these trails up for multi-use, so please be respectful. As cyclists, they ask that we obey the following rules:

-Yield the right-of-way to pedestrians
-Stay to the right and pass on the left
-Pass others with care and give courteous verbal notice
-Control your speed and be ready to stop if necessary

See our route at Strava and see the full map at the GVLT.