You Be the Judge


You Be the Judge


Continuing with the t-shirt theme…

You remember the Bike Kill 666 patches? Well, Giant has a new shirt called “Goathedz” – which looks innocent and all. Goat head + Pentagram + Chainring = Bike Related. But what’s the B.C.? Bicycle Club? Like the Black Label Bike Club patches?

Underground art is always getting bit off by the more mainstream artists. What are the chances right? Maybe I’m just being too cynical…


For what it’s worth, this piece by Lamour Supreme, which has been floating around for a while now, seems to have influenced this design by Giant as well… Joel’s explanation sums up my feelings on the subject pretty clearly…

Yeah, I can’t say for sure but I love Giant’s work so it’s cool. This image is actually quite old and is documented in some old skool tracksite. It’s been in circulation and probably anyone that rides a track bike knows about it. I’m not really one to say I own art and people in the track circles that have used this image know I’m very generous with it. If my drawing inspires people to ride, make art, get a tattoo, then its done its job.
The funny thing is that I emailed him about a year ago with a link to these images and never heard back. Just look out for my new track art because I’m taking it up a notch.

Not trying to call Mike Giant out, so don’t get me wrong! Just thought the two examples were kinda closely related, that’s all. I think in both cases, the OG pieces are far superior.