WTF Bikexplorers Launch the 2020 SJ Brooks Scholarship Fundraiser


WTF Bikexplorers Launch the 2020 SJ Brooks Scholarship Fundraiser

WTF Bikexplorers launched the 2020 SJ Brooks Scholarship Fundraiser  today. As part of their Black Lives Matter accountability actions, the WTF Bikexplorers 2020 scholarship seeks to expand funding to increase cycling opportunities specifically for BIPOC folks who identify as femme, trans, non-binary, and women.

“We recognize that the outside is not free. The freedom and access that many cyclists enjoy are not an experience equally shared by BIPOC, queer, and trans riders. This rings true, now just as ever with social inequality and systemic racism persisting against the backdrop of a pandemic. These injustices and inequalities have persisted so much longer than this current moment and we recognize that there is much work that can be done on our part to create more safe, accessible, and inclusive spaces and opportunities for these communities. The 2020 WTF Bikexplorers SJ Brooks Scholarship seeks to increase access to cycling opportunities specifically within Black, Indigenous, people of color, queer and transgender communities by reducing some of the financial and material barriers that are required to pursue a spirited bicycle endeavor. Spirited bicycle endeavors may include overnight or multi-day bike trips, community organizing, or attending a cycling event.

We need the cycling community’s help to make this happen. If you support our mission, please help us grow and support our community through this scholarship fundraiser. Your donation will go directly toward financial stipends for the scholarship recipients to use to help pursue a spirited bicycle endeavor on their terms.”

Please, if you can, donate to this fund to increase the diversity of cycling!