WTF Bikexplorers announces the Cycling Industry Pledge


WTF Bikexplorers announces the Cycling Industry Pledge

WTF Bikexplorers announces the Cycling Industry Pledge to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion in the cycling community.

Portland, OR – (January 21, 2020) – As leaders in the cycling industry, we are responsible for making our workplaces, communities, and world genuinely inclusive. The Cycling Industry Pledge (CIP) holds companies accountable to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion in the cycling community and includes the WTF Guiding Principles for any individual to take.

Why a pledge is needed:

-The cycling industry is the most discriminatory out of all outdoor industries on gender-based exclusion*.
-Gender and racial inequality prevail in bike shops, professional cycling, and media representation within the cycling industry.
-Spending from cycling contributes significantly to local, state, and national economies, as well as internationally – the second-highest spending for any outdoor activity*.
-Advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion effectively engages and supports all underrepresented groups.

In signing the Cycling Industry Pledge (CIP), companies will help craft a specific set of actions for their company which will:

1- Practice upholding the WTF Bikexplorers Guiding Principles.
2- Advocate to hire a diverse workforce and executive leadership.
3- Visibly engage in supporting broadly representative cycling teams, events, athletes, and ambassadors.
4- Share the Cycling Industry Pledge with other companies in the cycling industry.

We recognize that these four outlined actions are not the complete answer. Still, we believe they are concrete steps toward building more diversity, equity, and inclusion and forming a more accountable network within the cycling industry.

Specialized, Ride with GPS, Swift Industries, Machines for Freedom and Revelate Designs have already committed to CIP. We are now looking to you in building a more resilient cycling industry through inclusion, equity, and diversity.

To learn more about the Cycling Industry Pledge and for your company to sign – visit

In addition, get a limited edition screenprint of the WTF Bikexplorers Guiding Principles and a CIP sticker to show your support for the Cycling Industry Pledge – visit to order.


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