Wrench Science: New Kits Available


Wrench Science: New Kits Available

Nothing motivates me more to ride than a new jersey and nothing tops that more than an entire freaking kit! Wrench Science hit me up a little while back and offered to send me one of their team kits. I’m usually apprehensive as hell about accepting an offer like that, mostly due to the fact that I’m a bigger guy and it’s really difficult for me to find jerseys that fit. Today when the package arrived I was blown away at the quality, both in the construction and the graphic design of the kit.

It’s sharp as hell! Check out the entire kit below.

The entire kit is made by Capo and will last you for a long, long time. Capo’s cycling clothing is spot on in my experience and the fit is perfect for even a bigger guy like me. I wear an XL in the jersey, vest and a large in the bibs and warmers.

Next step: test ride.

Great job guys and thanks again! If you wanna pick some or all of this kit up, head over to Wrench Science.