Work Bike: Maurice’s Marinoni


Work Bike: Maurice’s Marinoni

I love work bikes, in fact, I love them so much that it’s one of my new categories in the works. People love seeing track bikes on the street and the more time one spends on the street, the more character it gets. Take Maurice’s Marinoni for example. This thing is oozing with sexiness.

Check out some more photos below!

Yes, those are extra spokes. Not a bad thing to carry around with you, especially with the roads being in such poor condition after a bad winter.

The flat fork crown ‘Nonis are so gorgeous. There’s just something very classic about them.

A little surface rust never hurt anything.

Modern campy cranks to keep it rolling.

Again with the cast maple leaves.

In case you didn’t know this was NYC, I gave you a little context.

While I’d love to see this frame, as-is, with a mid-80’s Campy group on it, it’s still got a ton of character.

… and very clean lines!

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