Win a Pair of DZR Strauss SPD Sneakers!


Win a Pair of DZR Strauss SPD Sneakers!


I’ve got a dozen or pairs of the DZR Strauss SPD sneakers to give away. What better way to do it than to run a contest? That’s right, you can win a pair of these $110 sneakers by simply taking a photo. A photo of what you ask?

Read on below!


The contest is quite simple. There’s one place where we go when we need something cycling-related. Whether it’s a mechanical problem or new tubes, everyone heads to their local bike shop. Without our LBS, cycling would be nearly impossible. What better way to show your appreciation for your local shop than by photographing something beautiful inside it?

It can be as simple as the tool pegboard, a bike, a well-used tool or even a stickered-up fridge. All you’ve gotta do is shoot it with whatever format you prefer. 4×5, digital, 35mm, polaroid. Whatever.

Then post it in the comments. PLEASE resize it to 500px though! if you can’t resize it or maybe you don’t want to post it in the comments, just email it to me.

I’ve got sizes 9 – 11.5 to give away. The winning entries will get a free pair of DZR Strauss sneakers and a pair to give to the owner of their LBS. There’s also a few pair of the Viking Ovis models to give away!

This contest will end next Friday (11.19.2010) Ready? GO!